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Guizhou Shuixi Grand Theatre

Guizhou Shuixi Grand Theatre

19 Mar, 2020
Guizhou Shuixi Grand Theatre

Guizhou Shuixi Grand Theatre

Shuixi Grand Theatre is located in Luxi County, Guizhou Province, and is one of the key projects in Guizhou Province. The Shuixi Grand Theatre is a professional opera house that inherits the good quality of traditional theatres and can adapt to the needs of modern times. It also provides natural sound music performances and theatrical performances. In order to ensure the sound quality of the Shuixi Grand Theatre, the project began with an acoustic design from the program stage. The acoustic design has run through the whole process of design, construction, trial and commissioning, and consequently achieved good sound quality.

Guizhou Shuixi Grand Theatre

The Interior Scenes of Shuixi Grand Theatre

In general, the theatre’s acoustic design standard requirement is as followed:

The reverberation time is between 0.8 and 2.5 seconds, which ensures clear sound and reproduces beautiful sound quality. If it is too short, the sound is dry. If it is too long, the sound is mixed and dry.

Have good sound diffusion — the direct sound and the reflected sound are evenly diffused; the silent focus, which means there is no large-area curved reflecting surface to make sound focus in one place and generate the over-excitation point;

No room resonance – that is, the room length to height ratio is not an integer to avoid the formation of the harmful room standing waves;

No object resonance – that is, the object in the room does not resonate with the sound, and there is no sound pollution;

Good diffusion and uniform sound field;

The noise is properly controlled and the noise floor in the hall is low enough.

Guizhou Shuixi Grand Theatre

In the sound design of this project, TianGe Acoustics provided high-quality sound-absorbing products—flame-retardant slotted acoustic panels and large size soft acoustic panels.

TianGe flame-retardant slotted acoustic panel is a kind of slit resonance absorption material which is made from the high-density panel with grooves on the surface and perforated holes at the back side. It has a strong selection on the sound spectrum and particularly great performance on the middle and low frequency. It has better sound absorption effect on medium and high frequency if there is sound absorption cotton filled at the back side cavity. And it is easy to install when using the slot and keel structure, commonly used for wall or ceiling decoration.

The Flame-retardant Slotted Acoustic Panels are available in a wide range of colours and materials to meet the diverse acoustic and decorative needs of our customers. It is suitable for opera, theatre, recording studio, studio, audition room, TV station, radio station, business office, multi-purpose hall, conference room, concert hall, auditorium, gymnasium and other places with a strict requirement for acoustics.

Guizhou Shuixi Grand Theatre

TianGe large size soft acoustic panels are integrated with decoration and full-frequency sound absorption. We place special fireproof sound-absorbing cotton inside and wrap the outer surface with fire-resistant sound-absorbing fabric or environmentally-friendly leather, cowhide, etc. It can meet the National fire protection requirements after fire treatment.

The large size soft acoustic panels, its pattern between the plates is perfectly stitched, and it has environmental requirements of no dust and formaldehyde and meets the B1 fire protection requirements. With a variety of colours and patterns for customers to choose from, they can be processed into various shapes according to customer requirements. With a wide range of applications, in addition to meeting the wall decoration, it can also be used on various types of partitions and is easy to install.

Guizhou Shuixi Grand Theatre

After a professional sound-decoration design, the Guizhou Shuixi Grand Theatre has a good acoustic performance. So far, the theatre has successfully hosted a number of large-scale concerts or other types of large-scale events, including the New Year Gala of Qianxi Country, the New Year Symphony Concert in 2019 of Qianxi Country, the third meeting of the 17th People’s Congress of Qianxi Country, etc.

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