Rwanda Multifunctional Concert Hall

Rwanda Multifunctional Concert Hall

13 Sep, 2021
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Rwanda is a sovereign country in central Africa and eastern Africa. It borders Congo to the west, Tanzania to the east, Uganda to the north, and Burundi to the south. In 2011, Rwanda was rated as one of the countries with the most potential for tourism by the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, and the African Development Bank. Rwanda has long-term social stability and sustained rapid economic growth.

Rwanda needs to build a number of exchange and exhibition centers because of its rapid economic development, international trade, and deepening of cooperation and exchanges. The Rwanda Multifunctional Concert Hall is one of these projects. TianGe Acoustics has also participated in the construction of a large number of engineering projects overseas. TianGe is determined to win such a high-quality project of the Rwanda Multi-functional Concert Hall.

The complexity of the acoustic construction of a multifunctional concert hall is determined by the diversity of its functions. The use of different scenes has slightly different requirements for the sound field. This is the reason for the complexity of the acoustic construction of the multifunctional concert hall. After communicating with customers, TianGe Acoustics, based on the needs of customers, mainly used the main functions, and took into account the acoustic requirements of other functions to make acoustic design solutions that have won the user's approval. At the same time, TianGe acoustics also showed customers the strength of the company and overseas cases participated in. Customers highly recognized the strength of TianGe acoustics and praised the cases participated by TianGe acoustics, which increased customers' recognition and trust in TianGe acoustics.

In the end, TianGe Acoustics won the Rwanda multifunctional concert hall project steadily with its excellent acoustic design plan, rich experience in the industry and strong strength. TianGe Acoustics devoted itself to the acoustic construction of Rwanda multifunctional concert hall with a professional spirit, and finally achieved satisfactory results. The overall effect of the project is in line with expectations, and has won unanimous praise from customers!

The completion and commissioning of Rwanda multifunctional concert hall will surely drive Rwanda's international economic and trade cooperation to a higher level and enable Rwanda's economy to grow more rapidly and steadily. TianGe Acoustics, as a service provider of overall acoustic decoration solutions, is very honored to participate in the construction of this project!

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