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3D Triangle PET Acoustic Panel

Immerse yourself in a world of sound and aesthetics with our innovative TianGe Acoustic 3D Triangle PET Acoustic Panels. Transform your space with
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WPC Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel

TianGe Acoustic WPC Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel is an ideal alternative to traditional hardwood board. WPC Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel
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Fireproof and Insulated Uv Wall Panel

TianGe Acoustic Uv Wall Panel serves as an excellent alternative to traditional wall systems, boasting several notable advancements such as its lightweight
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Natural and Eco-Friendly Wooden Wall Slat Panels

TIanGe Acoustics Wooden Wall Slat Panels are a popular interior decoration material, especially the ones made up of small pieces of wood arranged in a rectangular
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Eco-friendly Color Fiber Acoustic Panel

The Color fiber Acoustic Panel is a acoustic panel which is environmental protection, moisture proof, mildew proof and can be flame retardant
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PVC Finish Grating Solid Wooden Fluted Panel

The TianGe Acoustic Fluted Panel creates a functional flexible system to be used by a wide array of applications. The new fluted panels will definitely
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Irregularly Shaped Slatted Wall Panels

TianGe Acoustic modern Irregularly Shaped Slatted Wall Panels offer a visually stunning wall-covering solution that enhances any space. These Slatted
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Irregularly Shaped Wood Slat Panels

TianGe Acoustic Irregularly shaped Wood Slat Panels offer a unique and versatile design solution for any space. These Wood Slat Panels can be installed
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Elastie Fabric Acoustic Panel

Elastie Fabric Acoustic Panels by TianGe Acoustic are designed to deliver outstanding acoustic performance while fostering creativity and versatility
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Irregularly Shaped Wood Slat Wall Panel

TianGe Acoustic Irregularly Shaped Wood Slat Wall Panel is a unique and stylish architectural feature that adds character and warmth to any space.
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Studio Enhanced with Grooved Wood Wall Panel

Transform your studio space with the addition of grooved wood wall panels. These panels not only enhance the visual appeal of your studio but also
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Sound and Decor Harmony with Hexagonal Akupanel

TianGe Acoustic Hexagonal Akupanel, an innovative home decoration material that seamlessly blends sound absorption with decorative effects.
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