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Guangdong Shenzhen Grand Theater

Guangdong Shenzhen Grand Theater

12 Nov, 2020
Acoustic Panels, Soundproof Panels, Acoustical Materials, Tiange Acoustics

The Shenzhen Grand Theater is a key cultural construction project in Shenzhen, which aims to meet the residents' increasing demand for spiritual and cultural life. The acoustic construction of the Grand Theater is mainly to solve some acoustic problems in the space, and the acoustic treatment of the Grand Theater is all-round.

According to the size of the theater, there must be defects caused by the body shape before acoustic treatment, such as acoustic focusing problems, flutter echo problems, etc.

Generally, the volume of a theater is large. According to the functional requirements of the theater, the reverberation time index is different, and it needs to be adjusted by the wall acoustic materials and the seats. Moreover, there are many acoustic indicators in the theater, and the sound quality of the theater cannot be evaluated by the reverberation time alone, so professional acoustic design is required. In addition, the theater must also consider the background noise index. Professional acoustic treatment is required for the HVAC system, maintenance structure, acoustic brake, surface light bridge, sound bridge and other spaces. Therefore, the acoustic treatment of the theater is all-round.

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Tiange Acoustics can participate in the acoustic decoration of the Shenzhen Grand Theater. It is inseparable from the high standards that Tiange Acoustics has adhered to for many years in terms of product quality and performance. This is what makes Tiange Acoustics in the industry. Gain a good reputation.

After we learned that the theater must be acoustically processed and completed the acoustic design plan, we need to select the appropriate acoustic decoration materials for the acoustic decoration construction according to the plan. The project is very strict in all aspects of decoration.

In the acoustic construction of the Shenzhen Grand Theater project, Tiange Acoustics provided perforated wood sound-absorbing panels for the theater and grooved wood sound-absorbing panels for the concert hall. In addition, Tiange Acoustics was also responsible for the acoustic decoration construction drawings of the project. Deepen the work. The overall completion of the project is relatively ideal, and the customer is very satisfied.

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