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Xinjiang Urumqi Peking Opera Theatre

Xinjiang Urumqi Peking Opera Theatre

12 Aug, 2020

Professionally speaking, performance spaces such as opera houses, concert halls, theaters, etc. are actually the the first sound quality listening site, and these cultural buildings often have huge investments. If the sound quality is not good, it is a huge waste of resources and funds.

Xinjiang Urumqi Peking Opera Theatre-1

Xinjiang Urumqi Peking Opera Theatre was publicly tendered by the Urumqi City Cultural Bureau and the Urumqi City Government Investment and Construction Project Management Center in 2018. The project has a total investment of more than 200 million yuan and the construction area is more than 15,000 square meters. It is a comprehensive venue for performance, cultural consumption and entertainment that integrates functions such as theater, Peking opera heritage display and art experience center.

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Urumqi Peking Opera Theatre’s Design Renderings

During the construction of the project, Tiange Acoustics, the first-rate acoustic environment integrated solution service provider, provided a large number of high quality acoustic materials and offered materials’ parameters to assist the acoustic design of Urumqi Peking Opera Theatre.

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Acoustic Material Installation

Before the acoustic design, the theater must design and formulate the acoustic design index requirements that meet the theater environment and quality according to its characteristics. The design level and requirements of different theaters are different, but the overall design standards for acoustics are basically the same. Acoustic design is undoubtedly the most important part of the Urumqi Peking Opera Theatre's pursuit of high-quality sound and high-grade environment.

Xinjiang Urumqi Peking Opera Theatre-5

under construction

Xinjiang Urumqi Peking Opera Theatre-6

After completion

Urumqi Peking Opera Theatre project carefully selected Tiange Acoustics, which has a good reputation in this industry, as its acoustic materials supplier. Now the project has been completed and put into use, and the acoustic effect fully meets the requirements of the national standard for its acoustic design.

Xinjiang Urumqi Peking Opera Theatre-7

A number of performances have been showed at Urumqi Peking Opera Theatre.

As an acoustic environment integrated solution service provider, Tiange Acoustics is very pleased to be able to participate in the acoustic construction of the Urumqi Peking Opera Theatre project, and will do its best to promote the construction of Xinjiang theater and promote the traditional national culture!

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