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Unique Dream of Red Mansion Theater

Unique Dream of Red Mansion Theater

17 Jan, 2024
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Dream of Red Mansion is endless to see and read. People who do not read the text of Dream of Red Mansion itself, but rather read it. There are only 108 scenic gardens in the Dream of Red Mansion Drama City. In fact, none of them are the most important, none of them are the best designed, none of them are failures, and none of them are proud. It is an experience that gradually forms during the process of passing through.

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Unique Dream of Red Mansion Theater is located in Langfang City, Hebei Province, China, with a total area of 228 acres. It is divided into four large indoor theaters, eight small indoor theaters, 108 scene spaces, and outdoor theaters, with a duration of over 800 minutes.

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As an important base for spiritual and cultural activities in performance venues, theaters have the characteristics of advanced technology, modern equipment, and advanced concepts. Especially in the performance of plays, in order to ensure the clarity and richness of language in the hospital. The theater uses acoustic panels made of acoustic materials from TianGe Acoustic Group Co., Ltd., as well as 20000 square meters of Aluminum Frame Fabric Acoustic Panels. Its characteristics are moisture-proof, deformation resistant, and wrinkle free. After completion, professional acoustic testing was conducted, and all indicators met the standards. The sound quality of the theater was full, clear, and the sound field was evenly distributed, meeting the multifunctional needs of the theater. These materials are all produced and produced by TianGe Acoustic in its own factory.

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Through the form of drama, "Unique Dream of Red Mansion Theater" presents the character images and plot of "Dream of Red Mansion" to the audience, allowing them to more intuitively feel the charm of this classic literary work. At the same time, while retaining the essence of the original work, the drama has added some new elements, making the entire story more vivid and interesting. Create scenery through drama, and build a city based on the scenery.

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