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National Grand Theatre of Ukraine

National Grand Theatre of Ukraine

12 Nov, 2020
Acoustic Panels, Soundproof Panels, Acoustical Materials, Tiange Acoustics

National Grand Theatre of Ukraine-1

Ukraine is located in the eastern part of Europe, bordered by Russia in the east, the Black Sea in the south, Belarus in the north, and Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova in the west. The National Grand Theatre of Ukraine is located in the capital Kiev, and is one of the most important performance theaters in Ukraine.

The architectural acoustic design of theaters involves structure, shape design, sound quality design and sound insulation. Common sound quality problems in theaters are excessively long reverberation time caused by large indoor space, uneven sound field and partial positions caused by large and wide audience seats. Insufficient loudness and clarity of the sound, as well as acoustic defects such as sound focusing, multiple echoes, and sound shadow areas caused by improper use of material structure or modeling.

As a high-standard performance venue, the National Grand Theatre of Ukraine has very high requirements in terms of acoustic decoration. In order to ensure the performance and viewing experience, professional acoustic design is necessary.

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