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3D Triangle PET Acoustic Panel

Immerse yourself in a world of sound and aesthetics with our innovative TianGe Acoustic 3D Triangle PET Acoustic Panels. Transform your space with
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Eco-friendly Color Fiber Acoustic Panel

The Color fiber Acoustic Panel is a acoustic panel which is environmental protection, moisture proof, mildew proof and can be flame retardant
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High Density Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

High Density Polyester fiber acoustic panels absorb and reduce sound reflections, enhancing acoustics in spaces like offices and studios. With a sleek design
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3D Square PET Acoustic Panel

TianGe Acoustic 3D Square PET Acoustic Panels, designed to effortlessly transform your spaces into healthy and stylish environments.
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3D Hexagonal PET Acoustic Panel

3D PET panels help you easily design healthy, stylish rooms by adding movement, dimension and acoustic control. Developed, designed and manufactured
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Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel For Speakers

Introducing TianGe Acoustic Sound Insulation Series products for speakers, designed to bring you a luxurious quality and advanced noise reduction effect
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3D Polyester Acoustic Panel

3D Polyester Acoustic Panels are environmentally friendly sound absorption board. They have more advantage than the traditional mostly used sound control panel glass wool
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Polyester Fiber Acoustic Lampshade

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Lampshade is synthesized by hot pressing, and the porosity is above 90%. The sound absorption property of the sound absorbing Lampshade is good in the range of middle and high frequency.
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With Adhesive Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

With Adhesive Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel using polyester fiber synthetic panel, the sound absorption coefficient increases with the increase of the occupied frequency.With Adhesive Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel adopts a cavity design to improve the sound-absorbing performance.
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3D Triangle Acoustic Wall Panels

You can choose 3D Triangle Acoustic Wall Panels from products that can be used to give a decorative look while ensuring 3D wall panel ambient acoustics. The main material as 3D wall panel content has the same values as our other acoustic panel models.
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3D Four Pointed Star Acoustic Wall Panels

3D Four pointed star Acoustic Wall Panels are designed to be positioned in volumes. They can be vertical, horizontal, suspended or installed, single or in clusters. They can be part of the architecture of all types of space to address sound reverberation overall or area by area.
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3D Pyramid Acoustic Wall Panels

Tiange 3D Pyramid Acoustic Wall Panels provide an alternative to traditional acoustic panels that will enrich your environment whilst reflecting a unique personality with an unparalleled aesthetic.
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