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Austria National Grand Theatre

Austria National Grand Theatre

12 Nov, 2020
Acoustic Panels, Soundproof Panels, Acoustical Materials, Tiange Acoustics

Austria National Grand Theatre-1

The Austria National Grand Theater project covers an area of approximately 1,253 ㎡. Due to the large area of the Austrian National Grand Theater, it is required that its sound quality should ensure appropriate relative intensity, early sound field strength, clarity and fullness throughout the auditorium. During the performance, there shall be no recognizable acoustic defects such as echo, multiple echoes, tremor echo, acoustic focusing and resonance, and interference caused by equipment noise in the venue and external environmental noise shall not appear at any position in the auditorium.

Austria, as a country famous for its music and opera charm, has deeply integrated into the National blood. Therefore, the high standards of the Austrian National Grand Theater for acoustics and decoration are inevitable. Secondly, the Austrian National Grand Theater, as a National theater, can perform and watch performances here are extraordinary figures. Therefore, the acoustic design standards of the Austrian National Grand Theater are very high. Not only must the decoration be beautiful, but also the acoustic environment requirements should better serve the performance.

The overall delivery of the project is in full compliance with the customer's expectations, and the overall decoration is beautiful and generous, full of classical music and art, and is in line with Austrian National culture and historical tradition. The acoustic environment also meets the performance standards of the National Grand Theater.

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