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Changsha Concert Hall

Changsha Concert Hall

19 Mar, 2020
Changsha Concert Hall

Changsha Concert Hall is the key building of Riverside Culture Park. It is built according to the standard of the pure concert hall. The total construction area is about 28,000 square meters and the height is about 28 meters. It mainly includes more than 1,400 symphony halls, nearly 500 multi-function halls and nearly 300 indoor concert halls. The concert hall has a full range of functions, including music performance, dining and leisure, art training, VIP reception, etc. It can accommodate about 3,000 music lovers to enjoy art and participate in art training.

According to the target orientation of “the palace of classical art appreciation, the stage of mass art display, the educational base of Elegant Art, and the communication platform of culture and art”, strive to become the top, domestic first-class and internationally renowned concert hall of Hunan Province. TianGe Acoustics provides technical support and solutions for the architectural acoustic decoration design of the concert hall.

Changsha Concert Hall

As the overall solution service provider of the acoustic environment, TianGe Acoustics provides professional acoustic technical guidance for the actual construction of the Changsha Concert Hall. In order to achieve the ideal sound quality design goal, it is necessary to adjust the flat section shape and volume of each symphony hall and to adjust the side wall of the building and indoor plan. The ceiling of the building and indoor scheme is adjusted to meet the acoustic requirements of the audience area and the volume of each hall. The concave arc structure of the building is to prevent sound focusing. As far as possible with the style of interior decoration, TianGe Acoustics makes diffusion and micro-diffusion processing on the various sound reflection surface, resulting in the sound field uniformity.

On the other hand, the selection, arrangement and quantity of the surface acoustic materials in the symphony hall are related to the sound field distribution and diffusion performance, as well as the control of reverberation time and frequency characteristics. Therefore, TianGe Acoustics also puts forward corresponding design requirements for the selection of acoustic materials for the inner surface of the audience hall:

1. In order to avoid the floor resonance of the audience hall to absorb too much low-frequency sound, solid wood flooring should be used and the gap between the keels should be filled.

2. In terms of Acoustics, the ceiling is required to have a strong reflection. At the same time, it is also required to reduce the absorption of low frequency, to ensure a certain degree of stiffness and meet the fire grade requirements. Therefore, TianGe Acoustic suggested using the reinforced fiber precast plasterboard whose surface density is more than 40 kg /m2 as the ceiling.

3. For both the balcony and the pool, the walls of the symphony hall are the early Acoustic reflectors with great importance, which can provide more early acoustic energy to the audience and improve the sense of listening space in the audience’s position. Therefore, TianGe Acoustics pointed out that the wall acoustic requirements as thick and hard as possible, so it can play the role of sound reflection, make full use of sound energy and reduce sound absorption.

4. The area of the spectators is the most important sound-absorbing surface in the symphony hall. The sound-absorbing capacity of middle and high frequency accounts for about 80% of the total sound-absorbing capacity of the whole symphony hall. Therefore, it is an important link in the sound quality design of the symphony hall to select the form and material of the seat and control its acoustic performance. For the symphony hall, the sound absorption performance of the seats is required to be as close as possible under the condition of the empty chair and sitting person, so that the sound quality effect in the area of spectators has no great change under the condition of empty space and full space. When the seat cushion flips, there can be no noise, especially the collision noise is not allowed; the seat should be made of wooden backrest and armrest, the backrest should be made of wood frame, and the backrest cushion should not be too thick; the bottom of the seat cushion should be made of sound absorption. TianGe Acoustics suggested using the perforated wood acoustic panels as the partial surface.

Changsha Concert Hall

After the professional technical support of TianGe Acoustics, the acoustics effect of Changsha Concert Hall is more than expected. Up to now, many perfect music performances and activities have been successfully held! Music knows no borders. Perfection knows no bounds. TianGe Acoustics is making unremitting efforts and pursuit to create perfect acoustics effect for more different places!

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