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2022 Beijing Winter Olympics National Speed Skating Oval

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics National Speed Skating Oval

12 Apr, 2024
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For us architecture enthusiasts, we are also very curious about the architectural design of the Olympic Winter Games. The first thing that catches the eye is the "Ice Ribbon" in the C venue. Let's learn more about the architectural acoustics.

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The National Speed Skating Oval is the iconic venue in the Beijing main competition area of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and the only newly built ice competition venue. The main stadium has a construction area of about 80,000 square meters and can accommodate about 12,000 spectators.

The exterior is spliced with 3360 pieces of glass to form a free and smooth oval curved surface. The glass surface is printed with colored glaze to create a light and elegant ribbon effect, which symbolizes the speed skater's racing track, and the nickname "Ice Ribbon" also comes from this.

After the Winter Olympics, the "Ice Ribbon" will become a multi-functional ice and snow center integrating sports events, mass fitness, cultural leisure, exhibitions, and social welfare.

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"Ice Ribbon", as a large-scale super sports venue, naturally has acoustic defects. The biggest feature of this type of venue is the large volume, which causes the reverberation time in the competition hall to be too long.

First of all, too long reverberation time will reduce the clarity of the sound quality in the competition hall, make the audience's listening turbid, and affect the performance and reputation of the performance. For athletes, it may be greatly lost due to the sound quality problem in the hall.

Secondly, too long reverberation time will also make the sound reinforcement system whistle. In addition, the parallel walls and excessive free sound path of the competition pool can create sonic defects of flutter echoes and multiple echoes. It will make the athlete's footsteps and impact more intense, and even evolve into a strong noise.

The configuration of contemporary gymnasiums is becoming more and more diverse, and architects are no longer satisfied with the rectangular design of the past. Circles, ellipses, polygons, etc. emerge in endlessly. And these curved walls and dome-shaped tops tend to produce sound focusing.

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Acoustic Baffle

In order to solve the sound field problem of the "Ice Ribbon", the Winter Olympics architectural team found TianGe Acoustic. To this end, TianGe Acoustic set up a special research group to build the project as a key image project and political task, and to provide professional solutions for the acoustic needs of the "Ice Ribbon".

In the end, the venue chose to use the Acoustic Baffle independently developed by TianGe Acoustic with a high sound absorption coefficient, and its fireproof and environmental performance has been tested by professional institutions.

After receiving the urgent political task, TianGe factory also worked overtime to successfully complete the manufacture of 20,000 square meters of acoustic materials.

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