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Guangxi Yulin Bobai Gymnasium

Guangxi Yulin Bobai Gymnasium

25 Dec, 2020
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Bobai County, known as Baizhou in ancient times, belongs to Yulin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and is located in the southeast of Guangxi. It is adjacent to Luchuan County to the east, Lianjiang City of Guangdong Province to the southeast, Hepu County of Beihai City to the south, Pubei County of Qinzhou City to the west, and Fumian Management District of Yulin City to the north.

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Bobai County Gymnasium is a newly built project in the local area, in order to enrich the leisure life of local residents and provide a better platform for the development of local sports. It also provides a high-quality venue for county-level sports events and events.

The biggest feature of the Gymnasium is its large volume, which causes the reverberation time in the competition hall to be too long. Too long reverberation time will reduce the clarity of the sound quality in the competition hall, make the audience's listening sound muddy, and affect the effect of the competition.

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For athletes, they may lose their level due to the sound quality problems in the Gymnasium. Secondly, too long reverberation time will cause the sound reinforcement system to produce howling. The parallel walls of the competition pool and the excessively large free path will produce acoustic defects such as flutter echo, multiple echoes, and acoustic focusing.

Therefore, the acoustic construction of Gymnasium is a must. In order to meet the normal use of the gymnasium, it is necessary to carry out professional acoustic design, and use professional acoustic materials to solve the problem of acoustic defects in the gymnasium. Tiange Acoustics is honored to be able to provide acoustic materials for the acoustic decoration project of Bobai County Gymnasium.

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Tiange Acoustics focuses on the cultural and sports, performing arts, and hall acoustic decoration projects, providing integrated services from acoustic design, acoustic materials to acoustic decoration construction. The Bobai County Gymnasium project is very consistent with our positioning. For this project, we provided the high-quality environmental protection material(Grooved Mgo Acoustic Panel) independently produced by Tiange.

The Grooved Mgo Acoustic Panel is made of Mgo board base material, which inherits the advantages of Mgo board. It has the characteristics of high fire resistance, good pressure resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, and non-deformation. It is especially suitable for In the rainy areas in the south.

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Because the product is hard in texture and requires high processing technology, it can be processed into perfect acoustic products only when special equipment is available. Product specifications are consistent with traditional Grooved and perforated acoustic panels. At the same time, the product also has a good decorative effect, giving a natural and simple style impression.

Grooved Mgo Acoustic Panels are suitable for venues with high acoustic requirements such as gymnasiums, multi-function halls, concert halls, grand theaters, conference rooms, lecture halls, etc.

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