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Anhui Hefei Heping Primary School Gymnasium

Anhui Hefei Heping Primary School Gymnasium

25 Dec, 2020
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The sound construction design of the gymnasium of Hefei Heping Primary School East School Xingfu Road Branch is designed by Tiange Acoustics, a service provider of acoustic environment overall solution, to deepen the design plan, material production and installation construction. The project has been completed and put into use.

1. Project Overview

Hefei Heping Primary School Gymnasium is a multifunctional comprehensive sports renovated by the school, and it is also a typical wind and rain playground. The effective volume of the stadium is about 7810m³ and the total area is 2965m2. The effective height is about 8m. There are no fixed seats and it is a small comprehensive gym. This place is required to meet the needs of teaching, training, school competitions, holding cultural activities, and various large-scale celebrations.

Anhui Hefei Heping Primary School Gymnasium-1

2. Project acoustic defect analysis

According to the shape and form of the gymnasium, without architectural acoustics, the following sound quality defects are bound to occur in the gymnasium, which will affect the normal use of the gymnasium.

2-1. The gymnasium has a volume of 7810m³, and each seat has a volume of about 12m³/person. Each seat has a large volume. It is extremely easy to produce echoes and multiple echoes without acoustic treatment, making the listening sound muddy.

2-2. As the gymnasium is a regular rectangle, two lengths and two widths form two parallel planes. It is very easy to produce flutter echo between parallel surfaces. Once the tremor echo is formed, it will inevitably cause extremely obvious acoustic interference to the sound, which will affect the normal operation of the sound equipment and the human hearing experience.

2-3. The stadium has fewer normally open windows and vents, and the sound from the stadium will not be able to dissipate through the normally open windows or vents. The glass design area is large, and the glass reflects sound waves obviously, so the sound will be reduced. It will reflect back and forth in the venue, causing serious echo problems. Especially when a conference is held, the audience or listeners sitting in the seats cannot get a clear hearing experience due to the excessive echo.

2-4. The ceiling of the gymnasium is a steel structure roof, and the ceiling acoustic material needs to consider the load-bearing load of the steel structure.

3. The solution

3-1. Ceiling

Because the ceiling of the stadium forms a parallel surface with the ground, it is very easy to produce vibration echo. Therefore, the ceiling is arranged with materials or structures with strong sound absorption performance to avoid the generation of flutter echoes that affect the normal use of audio equipment. According to the original design of this gymnasium and taking full account of the sound quality requirements in the gymnasium, a Hanging Acoustic Baffle with moisture-proof and fire-proof performance is arranged under the top steel structure.

Anhui Hefei Heping Primary School Gymnasium-2

Ceiling layout

3-2. Wall

The wall is an important place for the acoustic design of the stadium building. Judging from the architectural drawings, the venue has a large volume and a large sound range. Without any acoustic treatment, the on-site echo is obvious, it cannot be used, and cannot meet the functional requirements of the original venue. Because windows occupy a large proportion of the wall area, there is less wall area that can be treated with sound absorption. It is recommended to install curtains with higher sound absorption efficiency on all windows as sound absorption treatment on the wall to reduce reflected sound.

Anhui Hefei Heping Primary School Gymnasium-3

Anhui Hefei Heping Primary School Gymnasium-4

4. The design effect

4-1. The decoration is beautiful and generous, and the visual experience is comfortable.

4-2. The acoustic material has no dust pollution of glass fiber particles, low formaldehyde, and meets the environmental requirements of air quality in the place.

4-3. Has a good tone. That is, the low, mid and high tones are moderately balanced.

4-4. The acoustic material meets the requirements of fire protection grade.

4-5. Sound quality defects such as clearer hearing in the venue and silent staining.

4-6. After the implementation of the project, the acoustic environment and on-site environment are suitable, and the full reverberation time of the gymnasium has reached the national standard Class A standard or above.

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