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Shaanxi Ankang Stadium

Shaanxi Ankang Stadium

22 Oct, 2020
Acoustic Panels, Soundproof Panels, Acoustical Materials, Tiange Acoustics

The Ankang Stadium that Tiange Acoustics participated in the construction is one of the main venues for the 2021 National Games. The "National Games" is the highest level and largest comprehensive sports event in China.

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The events of the "National Games" are basically the same as those of the Olympics except for martial arts. The original intention is to train newcomers and select talents for the country's Olympic strategy. The National Games is held every four years, usually around the Olympics.

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For large venues such as Ankang Stadium for holding national sports events, its high-standard acoustic requirements are inevitable. Due to the large volume of the gymnasium and the excessively large free range, it is easy to produce echoes and multiple echoes, which will make people's listening sound muddy, which will affect the effect of watching games and the performance of athletes.

Therefore, the stadium must do acoustic treatment to solve these acoustic problems and obtain a good acoustic environment to ensure that the game is not affected. As a leader in the acoustic decoration industry, Tiange Acoustics has provided overall acoustic decoration services for many large gymnasiums.

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The customer of the Ankang Stadium project got in touch with us at the first time. After some communication and understanding, according to the specific situation of the project and customer needs, we immediately provide customers with professional suggestions and overall solutions for acoustic decoration.

The client needs a professional acoustic decoration consultant, and we happen to be professional enough. We deepened the drawings based on the drawings provided by the customers. Customers recognized our professionalism very much, and then we successfully undertook the acoustic decoration project of Ankang Stadium.

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Ankang Stadium uses a variety of acoustic materials independently developed and produced by Tiange acoustics. Due to the special architectural structure of the venue, the construction process is very difficult, and the customer's requirements for materials are also very high. All these have added tremendous difficulty to us.

But Tiange acoustics has never been afraid of challenges and has never faced difficulties. Although the construction is difficult and the technical requirements of the materials are high, the production and transportation of the materials were successfully completed with the full cooperation of the Tiange acoustics product technicians, ensuring the normal progress of the construction. At the same time, with the close cooperation of our professional acoustic decoration construction team, the entire acoustic decoration project of the Ankang Stadium was successfully completed.

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The overall effect after completion is very good. After professional acoustic testing, it fully meets the design standards. The customer is also very satisfied.

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