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The Gymnasium of Jiangsu Lianyungang Art School

The Gymnasium of Jiangsu Lianyungang Art School

11 Dec, 2020
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Lianyungang Art School is located in Lianyungang, a beautiful coastal city surrounded by mountains and seas in Jiangsu Province. The school was founded in 1959 and is the only technical secondary school in Lianyungang City that engages in art education.

The school has strong faculty and disciplines to meet the needs of social development. Among them, dance, vocal music, instrumental music, art design and other majors enjoy high reputation in the industry.

The acoustic decoration project of the gymnasium of Lianyungang Art School, from acoustic design, acoustic material supply to acoustic decoration construction, was built by Tiange Acoustics.

The gymnasium has a volume of 12450m³, a total surface area of 3625㎡, and a rectangular shape. The gymnasium is mainly used for holding small and medium-sized conferences, academic reports, theatrical performances, basketball games and training.

The Gymnasium of Jiangsu Lianyungang Art School-1

To ensure the normal use of gymnasium functions, acoustic treatment of the space is essential. The gymnasium is prone to some acoustic problems before the acoustic treatment is done. For example, due to the large volume of the gymnasium, the free sound path is too large, it is easy to produce echoes and multiple echoes, which make people's listening sound muddy.

Gymnasium body shape rules such as rectangles and squares are prone to vibrating echo. Irregular shapes of gymnasiums, such as round, arc, etc., are prone to sound focusing.

Noise is prone to be generated when various functional rooms such as computer rooms with severe noise are installed inside the gymnasium. These acoustic problems in gymnasiums must be acoustically processed to ensure the normal use of gymnasium functions.

The Gymnasium of Jiangsu Lianyungang Art School-2

There are certain differences in the acoustic problems of different gymnasiums. The designers of Tiange Acoustics provided professional acoustic design schemes based on the specific conditions of the gymnasium of Lianyungang Art School. The plan determines the acoustic materials used in the gymnasium and the installation location of the acoustic materials.

Ensure that there are no obvious echoes, multiple echoes, tremor echoes and other phenomena in the hall after architectural acoustics treatment, to meet the needs of conferences and performing arts, with clear listening and high language intelligibility.

The acoustic decoration construction of the stadium is carried out by the professional construction team of Tiange Acoustics. In the ceiling part of the gymnasium, Tiange Acoustics' Hanging Acoustic Baffles are used, and the wall uses Tiange Acoustics' Colored Fiber Acoustic Panels and Grooved Acoustic Panels. The overall effect of the project after the completion of the project is very good, the reverberation time meets the design standard, and the customer is very satisfied.

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