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Liaoning Anshan Xiuyan Gymnasium

Liaoning Anshan Xiuyan Gymnasium

25 Jan, 2020
Liaoning Anshan Xiuyan Gymnasium

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Xiuyan County Gymnasium is located in Anshan City, Liaoning Province. It covers an area of 79,200 square meters, with a total construction area of 11,300 square meters. It is rectangular in shape and can accommodate 3,000 spectators. The main function is competition, sports entertainment, conferences and other functions. it is one of the important places for the development of sports events and the cultural life of the masses.

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Acoustic decoration scheme

The combination of architectural acoustics and decoration

Good sound quality is a must for gymnasiums, because proper speech intelligibility is one of the prerequisites for normal use in the venue. The reasonable arrangement of acoustic materials is the most effective means to improve the sound quality of the venue. Architectural acoustics and interior decoration are organically combined, and both decoration and practicality are combined.

This plan is involved in the design from the perspective of architectural acoustics, and through rigorous calculations on the basis of sound construction principles, the selection, layout and installation structure of acoustic materials are determined, and the reverberation time in the place is controlled to provide scientific and effective basis for space decoration design and construction technology.

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Initial conditions for acoustic calculation

The gymnasium is rectangular in plan with an irregular geometry in section. The height of the steel frame on the top of the gymnasium is 35m from the building ground, and the length is 56.7m. The effective volume of the museum is 79185m3, the total surface area is 11340㎡, and the estimated capacity is 3000 people.

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The use requirements and performance requirements of the gymnasium determine that the minimum clear height will not be too low, which makes the gymnasium volume larger and the indoor reverberation time longer. In order to save ceiling costs and reduce the load on the ceiling structure, exposed nets are usually used. In the method of racking, there is no integrated ceiling to absorb the mid-low frequency. To achieve the same reverberation time, more acoustic materials are needed. Therefore, the acoustic treatment of the ceiling is mainly based on the use of high-efficiency sound-absorbing materials. The design intends to use a strong sound-absorbing Hanging Acoustic Baffle to be hung under the ceiling steel frame, 1m away from the steel frame, and the used amount is 1,800 square meters.

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The stadium has a large volume and each seat has a large volume. In many cases, some spectators will be absent. Therefore, the proportion of audience sound absorption is small, and more acoustic materials or structures must be used to control the reverberation time in the hall. In most stadiums, due to conditions such as raised seats and excessively large windows on the walls, the walls in the stadium can be acoustically treated with a small area. Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of the sound-absorbing walls. The design intends to use trough aluminum sound-absorbing structure to acoustically treat the wall surface. The usable area is 4000 square meters. The back fill is ≥50mm thick sound-absorbing cotton, and the reserved cavity ≥100mm.

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Hanging Acoustic Baffle

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Aluminum Grooved Acoustic Panel

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Xiuyan County Gymnasium Construction photo-1

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