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Pingliang Sports Park Project

Pingliang Sports Park Project

27 Jun, 2023
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On October 17, 2022, TianGe Acoustic received a thank-you letter from China Communications Second Highway Engineering Bureau. They expressed gratitude for the contribution made by TianGe Acoustic in the construction of the Pingliang Sports Park.

Pingliang Sports Park Project-1

In 2022, TianGe Acoustic made great efforts to create the acoustic decoration project for the "China Communications Second Highway Engineering Bureau Pingliang Sports Park Project". The "Pingliang Sports Park Project" is a major livelihood project in Pingliang City, with a total estimated investment of 1.61 billion yuan. It consists of a sports hall, a swimming pool, and a stadium.

Once completed, it will become a landmark construction showcasing the new image of Pingliang City. It is of great significance for enhancing the city's taste, improving urban functions, and promoting economic and social development.

Pingliang Sports Park Project-2

The acoustic decoration project for this project has a total construction area of approximately 16,000 square meters. It adopts various new acoustic decoration materials developed and produced by TianGe Acoustic, such as Suspended Acoustic Baffles and groove wood acoustic panels.

As a specialized subcontractor for acoustic decoration, we have provided integrated services including acoustic decoration design, supply of acoustic decoration materials, acoustic decoration construction, and professional acoustic testing.

Pingliang Sports Park Project-3

The acoustic decorative engineering of "China Communications Second Highway Engineering Bureau Pingliang Sports Park Project" is another innovative F2EPC mode acoustic decorative engineering project by TianGe Acoustic.

TianGe Acoustic considers comprehensively the demands of seating, flooring, lighting, sound, video, electromechanical, and fire protection aspects in the process of providing overall solutions for acoustic decoration to their clients.

They successfully managed the acoustic decoration of the entire sports park, carefully crafted a high-quality multi-functional sports park for their clients within only 80 days, thus helping their clients save time and cost.

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