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Hunan Loudi Xinhua No.1 Middle School

Hunan Loudi Xinhua No.1 Middle School

19 Nov, 2020
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Hunan Loudi Xinhua No.1 Middle School-2

Xinhua No.1 Middle School is located in Xinhua County, Loudi City, Hunan Province. The school is located on the Zijiang River. The campus has an elegant environment and pleasant scenery in all seasons. It is known as "the holy place for teaching and reading paradise". The school has a long history, profound cultural heritage, excellent school-running tradition, outstanding school-running quality, and distinctive school-running characteristics.

Acoustic design is very important to the sound field environment of the school, whether it is in the school classroom or other venues, acoustics is very important. A good sound field environment is also of great help to the improvement of teachers' teaching quality.

Some acoustic problems that are prone to occur in schools, because the classrooms are mostly hard structures, and there are many glass windows, which can easily cause flutter echo, long reverberation time, and low speech intelligibility, which can cause students to be unable to hear clearly when the teacher lectures.

In the morning and late reading, the echo is obvious and the classroom is noisy, which affects the concentration and learning efficiency of students. In addition to classrooms, there are gymnasiums, canteens, corridors, lecture halls, etc., which need to be acoustically designed according to body shape and purpose.

After understanding the acoustic problems of the school and the importance of acoustic decoration design to the school, you should consider hiring professional personnel to carry out the overall acoustic decoration project for the school. Tiange Acoustics is such a company.

Nowadays, more and more schools attach great importance to acoustic decoration in the construction process. Tiange Acoustics is honored to be able to provide services for the entire acoustic decoration process of Xinhua No.1 Middle School.

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