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Gambia International Conference Center

Gambia International Conference Center

11 Jun, 2020
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Since its establishment, Tiange acoustics has served all over the world. Recently, Tiange acoustics has the honor to participate in the construction of Gambia International Conference Center project aided by China, and provide acoustic materials for the project.

Gambia International Conference Center-1

The project is located in Banjul, the capital of Gambia, with a total construction area of about 14000 square meters. The main functional space includes 1000 person main conference hall and lounge, 200 person theme conference room, bilateral conference room, banquet hall, VIP banquet hall and press release hall, etc.

Gambia International Conference Center-2

Theme Room

Gambia International Conference Center-3

Bilateral conference room

Gambia International Conference Center-4

Press Conference Hall

The Gambia International Conference Center, as the first bilateral cooperation project since the resumption of Sino Gang cooperation, is a landmark project to strengthen cooperation between China, Beijing and Central Africa. It is also an important part of implementing the outcome of the China Africa Cooperation Forum. It shows the Chinese government's strong support for Gambia to host the Islamic Summit, and it is a milestone for the deepening development of bilateral cooperation. As China's largest aid project, the conference center will become a new monument to the unbreakable relationship between the two great countries!

Gambia International Conference Center-5

Foreign aid is an integral part of the state's foreign affairs activities. The success of the implementation of foreign aid projects is directly related to the image and reputation of the state. Tiange acoustics is selected for its excellent product quality and perfect service system, which is a full affirmation of the brand of Tiange. It is also the embodiment of Tiange acoustics' vision of "making excellent Chinese acoustics products, passing on the sounds of nature in the world and giving people infinite care for hearing".

Gambia International Conference Center-6

With one belt, one road, and the as for providing acoustic services for aid projects, Tian Ge acoustics is deeply honored. We have a greater sense of responsibility and greater responsibility. As in the past, we will continue to work hard in the field of acoustics, give full play to our advantages and strive to build better quality acoustic products and services, and continue to contribute to the development of our country and the world. - let the decoration world have the sound of nature!


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