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Missouri Performance Hall

Missouri Performance Hall

13 Sep, 2021
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Missouri is the 24th state in the United States and is generally divided into the Midwest. Missouri is the hometown of the famous American writer Mark Twain. Missouri was founded on August 10, 1821, and belongs to one of the new states that the United States divided from the newly purchased land from France in the Louis Xianna purchase.

Missouri is also known as The "Show Me" State. The name Missouri comes from the local aboriginal Sioux language meaning "canoe". Its postal code is abbreviated as MO. Jefferson City, the capital.

The Missouri Performance Hall in the United States is a high-standard multi-functional hall. Usually, some relatively large-scale operas, dramas and other artistic performances will be staged here, and some more important large-scale conferences will also be held here. Therefore, the Missouri Performance Hall has very high requirements for the sound quality of the sound field.

TianGe Acoustics was able to successfully take over the acoustic decoration service of the Missouri Performance Hall project, which is a good reputation and rich experience accumulated from many large-scale overseas acoustic decoration projects that we have participated in over the years. Of course, it is also inseparable from the efforts of our business personnel and the company's own strong strength.

It is very difficult to provide overall acoustic decoration services overseas, but we are not afraid of difficulties, bravely meet the challenges, and use our professional spirit to do every job steadily. Make sure that there are no problems at every step, analyze, solve, and overcome every difficulty, just to present a high-quality acoustic space to customers and satisfy them.

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