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Sultan Hotel Conference Room

Sultan Hotel Conference Room

17 Jun, 2021
Acoustic Panels, Soundproof Panels, Acoustical Materials, Tiange Acoustics

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The Republic of Sudan is abbreviated as Sudan, located in northeastern Africa, along the Red Sea and the eastern end of the Sahara Desert. With an area of 1,886,068 square kilometers, it is the third largest country in Africa and the 15th largest country in the world. The capital is Khartoum.

Hotel conference rooms are used for many purposes, usually rented out to people outside to hold events, conferences and the like. Because there are usually more people involved in these activities, hotel conference rooms usually need to be treated with sound absorption and sound insulation to ensure a good sound field environment in the conference room, to ensure that the effects of events held in the conference room will be better, and it is also necessary to ensure The sound of the meeting room will not disturb the guests resting in the hotel.

According to its situation, the hotel conference room will need to do more acoustic treatment. Tiange Acoustics has participated in many large-scale engineering projects overseas, and has also won a certain reputation overseas.

The project of Conference rooms in Sudan Hotel is our first contact with the acoustic design of hotel-like Conference rooms. We attach great importance to this project and actively participate in the project's bidding work and actively communicate with customers. Show our customers the services we can provide, the benefits and conveniences we bring to our customers, as well as our own strength and project experience.

With our efforts, we finally won this project. We provide customers with suitable and feasible acoustic design plans according to the specific conditions of the project, and then carry out acoustic decoration construction according to the plan and local conditions. Our work efficiency is very high, and the decoration construction process of the project was completed very quickly.

The project was delivered smoothly, and the overall effect was very integrated with the local culture and style, and it matched the theme of the hotel. After our professional acoustic testing, all indexes are up to the standard. Customers are very satisfied with this. We are also very honored. If you have any needs, you can contact us at any time.

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