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Everbright International Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Headquarters Exhibition Hall

Everbright International Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Headquarters Exhibition Hall

18 May, 2021

The acoustic design of the Shenzhen headquarters exhibition hall of Everbright International Co., Ltd. is carried out by Tiange Acoustics, an overall solution service provider of acoustic environment, for design plan deepening, acoustic material production and installation construction. The walls are equipped with Tiange grooved wood acoustic panels and perforated wood sound-absorbing panels, Fabric Acoustic Panels.

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The architectural complex with exhibition hall as the main space, including conferences, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and other auxiliary function spaces is a kind of modern exhibition building. Generally speaking, the complex acoustic environment of the exhibition hall is mainly reflected in the exhibition hall. Mainly can be summarized into the following aspects:

1. The reverberation time in the exhibition hall space is too long;

2. The sound field is unevenly distributed. When the event was held, there was a lot of voices in the exhibition hall, which not only made it difficult for people to communicate with each other and could not meet the requirements of good listening, but also brought noise hazards to the audience, especially the staff who stayed in it for a long time;

3. The use effect of the sound reinforcement system is not ideal, the speech intelligibility is poor, and the resolution is low. The above-mentioned problems have seriously affected the use of exhibition buildings and become a problem that needs to be solved urgently. Excessive noise from air conditioners and other equipment affects the smooth development of activities.

The overall acoustic design ideas of the project

Where all conditions allow, try to meet reasonable acoustic requirements as much as possible to create an ideal use space for the place; for places where certain conditions are limited and difficult to meet the basic requirements of acoustics, in ensuring the visual effects and use functions of the venue Under the premise, it should also coordinate with the interior design, cooperate with the audio and video system, and adopt various reasonable and effective measures to control the acoustic environment under the tolerance limit, so that the exhibition hall as a whole can still meet the normal use requirements.


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