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Beijing Haidilao Restaurant

Beijing Haidilao Restaurant

18 Mar, 2021
Acoustic Panels, Soundproof Panels, Acoustical Materials, Tiange Acoustics

1. Project situation analysis

In order to create a more comfortable dining environment for customers, most Haidilao restaurants are equipped with floor exhaust systems, air-conditioning systems and fresh air systems, but noise is inevitably generated while obtaining a more comfortable dining experience, because of the high consumption. The operation of energy machinery has caused the background noise in Haidilao restaurants to be at a relatively high sound pressure level.

Beijing Haidilao Restaurant-1

Haidilao restaurants have a much larger area than other restaurants. An increase in area means an increase in space volume. An increase in volume inevitably means longer reverberation time, which means that the sound energy in the space takes longer attenuation.

Beijing Haidilao Restaurant-2

Haidilao restaurants usually have a large number of diners and waiters, a long operating time, and a high turnover rate. As a result, the personnel activities are frequent and the man-made noise generated is obvious. Moreover, in the case of long reverberation, the personnel in order to hear each other The conversation will unconsciously increase the volume of the conversation, and the noise at the scene will be further increased.

Beijing Haidilao Restaurant-3

2. Project solutions

Due to the multiple effects of the above-mentioned factors, the Haidilao restaurant has a large operating noise, which affects the dining sound environment. To solve the problem of operating noise when dining in Haidilao restaurants, the background noise generated by the equipment should be solved first. After mutual communication between the two parties, the third floor of Beijing Haidilao NO.6 restaurant was finally selected as a pilot for reducing indoor operating noise. The goal is to reduce the reverberation time in the store. The noise reduction plan of Tiange Acoustics is to arrange sound-absorbing materials in the three-story bare roof area of the store. After analyzing the ceiling drawings of the three-story area of the shop, it was decided to arrange about 300 square meters of flat-panel space acoustic materials in the bare roof area.

Beijing Haidilao Restaurant-4

Installation of sound-absorbing material in flat space

Tiange Acoustics Hanging Sound Baffle is a kind of sound absorbing material which is suspended on the ceiling and has high-efficiency absorption performance. The Hanging Sound Baffle is generally hung horizontally or vertically. When the area of the Hanging Sound Baffle in the space accounts for 30%-45% of the total area of the ceiling, the sound absorption performance of the material is twice that of other acoustic materials.

Beijing Haidilao Restaurant-5

The Tiange Acoustics Hanging Sound Baffle is composed of high-quality glass fiber cotton, customized aluminum frame, and sound-absorbing and dust-proof fiberglass cloth. It has the performance of environmental protection, fire prevention, high sound absorption performance and many surface patterns. The choice of finishing colors and materials is wide, which can well meet the diverse acoustic and decorative needs of customers. The highest fireproof performance reaches Class A, and the highest environmental performance reaches Class E.

Beijing Haidilao Restaurant-6

3. The final effect of the project

Due to the installation of sound-absorbing materials in the bare ceiling area of the third floor, the field test results showed that the noise level in the Haidilao restaurant was reduced by about 6dB compared with the original, and the mid-to-high frequency sound level was significantly reduced, especially in the west area of the third floor. The dining area on the west side of the third floor is obviously much larger than the dining area on the second floor, but it is much less noisy.

Beijing Haidilao Restaurant-7

Tiange Acoustics pointed out that if the non-naked area and part of the wall are installed with sound-absorbing materials that meet the requirements of fire protection and sanitation during restaurant design, it will have a better effect on improving the acoustic environment of the dining area.

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