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Thailand Chiang Mai Chapel

Thailand Chiang Mai Chapel

08 Nov, 2021
Thailand Chiang Mai Chapel

Thailand Chiang Mai Chapel-0

Thailand Chiang Mai Chapel-1

Thailand Chiang Mai Chapel-2

Thailand Chiang Mai Chapel-3

Project location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Project scale: 1280㎡

Reverberation time: 1.2s

Design scope: chapel, sacrificial vessel, preparation room, foyer, corridor, rest room, control room

Project Overview: Thailand Chiang Mai Chapel was originally a place for Christians to hold religious ceremonies. When people worship and sing poems inside, the smooth surfaces such as the roof and walls in the place promote obvious echoes in the interior, although the echoes can be strengthened. The magnificence of singing poems, but at the same time, the obvious echo will reduce the intelligibility of indoor speech, which will cause people to be disturbed to varying degrees during normal speech in the chapel.

The chapel in Chiang Mai, Thailand is mainly used for religious activities, and the above phenomenon will also exist. Certain architectural acoustic design and renovation of the chapel can reduce the impact of this phenomenon to a certain extent. In order to avoid excessive sound absorption in the venue, acoustic treatment is done on part of the walls of the chapel, which can spread the sound waves in an orderly manner and make the indoor listening more even.

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