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Multi-functional Hall Of Company In Guangzhou Xueshan Creative Industrial Park

Multi-functional Hall Of Company In Guangzhou Xueshan Creative Industrial Park

19 May, 2020
grooved wooden acoustic panels, Multi-functional Hall acoustic panels

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The multi-function hall of a company located in Guangzhou Xueshan Creative Industrial Park needs acoustic design, and Tiange Acoustics is invited to customize its sound construction plan.

The multi-functional hall is mainly used for meetings, classes, and dance performances, and belongs to the hall that mainly uses language according to acoustic requirements. First of all, ensure the language clarity and fullness in the hall, that is, have sufficient sound field strength and high language clarity and fullness at all positions in the hall. For this reason, the reverberation time should be short, which is conducive to language. Use, also leave enough adjustable range for the music program, when using the sound reinforcement system, you can increase the reverberation as needed, and improve the fullness of the sound.

Multi-function halls have different requirements for reverberation time when using different functions. For example, for cultural and artistic performances, less sound absorption and longer reverberation time are needed to make the audience more full-bodied; while meeting and playing movies require more sound absorption in the hall and shorter reverberation time to make the sound heard clear and many more. According to the guiding principles of architectural acoustics design, Tiange Acoustics puts forward the corresponding indicators for the acoustic design of the multi-functional hall:

1. Ensure sufficient loudness and language clarity in the multi-function hall

2. There is better sound quality and fullness for language performances in the multi-function hall.

3. The sound field distribution in the multi-function hall is as uniform as possible without sound quality defects that interfere with listening

4. Control the background noise of the multi-functional hall to reach the allowable standard

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Finally, after considering the professional acoustic design of Tiange Acoustics, the multi-functional hall adopts the Tiange grooved wooden acoustic panels that achieves A-level fire protection, good decorative effect and good sound absorption performance, and has a variety of wood grain finishes. Tiange grooved wooden acoustic panels has inherent advantages over ordinary wood acoustic panels. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, insect-proof, anti-corrosion, mildew-proof, low formaldehyde, no deformation, smooth and smooth structure, health and environmental protection, high temperature wear resistance and scratch resistance, etc., can be widely used Used in various meeting rooms and gymnasiums. Grand theaters, large building halls and other places have better sound absorption effects, perfectly taking into account good acoustic effects and decorative effects.

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