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Guangzhou Maritime Court

Guangzhou Maritime Court

19 May, 2020
Wood sound-absorbing materials

The courtroom of the court is a space with high privacy requirements. Due to the particularity of the venue, the acoustic design index of the courtroom of the court is much higher than the requirements of the report hall and activity center. The acoustic index should meet the following requirements:

Reverberation time: The intermediate frequency reverberation time is controlled at about 0.8 seconds, and the frequency characteristic of the reverberation time is nearly flat.

Sound field uniformity: the intermediate frequency (500Hz ~ 1000Hz) sound field unevenness is not more than ± 2.5dB.

Background noise level: the noise level in the hall is not greater than 30dBA.

No sound quality defects.

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Recently, TianGe Acoustics, an overall solution provider of acoustic environment, has provided acoustic services to the Guangzhou Maritime Court, so that its acoustic indicators can meet the standards required by the venue.

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The Guangzhou Maritime Court is a special court established on June 1, 1984 to handle maritime cases in accordance with the Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Establishing Maritime Courts in Coastal Port Cities. It is one of the earliest maritime courts established in China.

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As a unit of the national judicial organ, the goal of the Guangzhou Maritime Court is to make the people feel fair and just in every judicial case. As an overall solution service provider for the acoustic environment, TianGe Acoustics needs to use its own professional technology to provide the trial court with a good acoustic environment so that the trial of each case can be carried out clearly and smoothly.

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Due to the extremely high language intelligibility requirements and the adoption of sound reinforcement systems, the Trial Court has adopted the acoustic design strategy of short reverberation, and at the same time paid attention to the control of sound focus, echo, tremor echo and the design of the sound field uniformity.

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The courtroom of the court is a solemn place, and the interior decoration should maintain a full sense of dignity, display an unshakable order, and be fair and just. Tiange Acoustics provides Wood sound-absorbing materials, the shape respects the tradition and is elegant, showing the image of the Holy Spirit of Justice that cannot be violated at will.

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TianGe Acoustics has already provided professional acoustic services for many government agencies, and the Guangzhou Maritime Court project is undoubtedly another masterpiece of our company in this service field!

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