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Dunhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center

Dunhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center

20 Mar, 2020
Dunhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center

Dunhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center

Dunhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center is the main venue for the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo. The Dunhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center has a building area of 126,000 square meters and is composed of three venues: A, B, and C. It is the largest exhibition center with the largest number of passengers, the largest scale, and the most comprehensive functions. It is also one of the landmarks of Dunhuang City. It is a representative project to promote the deep integration of culture and tourism in Dunhuang City. Just one month before the ceremony, the general contractor conducted an empty reverberation test on the completed international conference hall and multipurpose hall. The result shows that the reverberation time of both halls are seriously long and cannot be used! This result is due to:

The original acoustic design scheme lacks specific acoustic design indicators, leading to the final acoustic effect of the project is unknown;

Without calculation of reverberation time, it is impossible to put forward specific acoustic requirements for various decoration materials in the hall—absorption coefficient; others cannot calculate the design proposal;

There is no specific acoustic requirement for the acoustical decoration materials in the hall, such as acoustic requirements, specific material construction physical requirements, etc., which results in the construction unit failing to select the materials according to the design scheme.

Therefore, the general contractor put forward the rectification goal according to the actual situation:

The ceiling, cylinder surface and ground of the two halls shall remain unchanged and only the wall surface shall be changed, but the acoustic requirements of the international conference room shall be met;

The decorative effect of the wall before and after rectification is basically unchanged;

3, Rectification period is up to 11-12 days!

Dunhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center

These requirements are undoubtedly aggravated by the fact that although the acoustic material was used for the ceiling of the International Conference Hall, but the protective layer paper of the porous gypsum board was not stripped so the sound absorption function was basically lost, and the conference hall was used as a large bay to enter the deep hall space and the ceiling area was relatively small. If the sound absorption transformation can be implemented, it will undoubtedly greatly increase the sound absorption area, which will reduce the difficulty of the construction. However, because of the difficulty of construction and the time pressure, the roof cannot be reformed. Then our focus shifted to the wall. Before the renovation, international reporters had already entered the exhibition center for interviews and photographed earlier, so a large number of photos had been spread on social media. Therefore, there must be no difference between the walls before and after the reformation. It poses a big problem for our sound-absorbing materials. As the construction period is very tight, the venues are large and the construction is very difficult. This is a huge challenge for any team. So when the general contractor puts forward these requirements, many companies are discouraged and think that this is an impossible task. However, TianGe acoustics resolutely undertakes this seemingly impossible task, thanks to TianGe’s strong engineering strength. TianGe Acoustics took up the international conference hall and the banquet hall. The project included 3,000 square meters of acoustic materials, two days of production, four days of transport to Dunhuang, two halls in four days of construction, totally ten days of time. The wonders of the acoustic world, the challenge is a success! After the rectification of the International Conference Hall, the full-field reverberation time index also reached the expected design goal, fully meeting the acoustic requirements of the international conference. This is the miracle of the acoustic material industry. TianGe Acoustics has become the creator of this miracle with its powerful strength! At the same time, TianGe Acoustics dared to undertake social responsibilities, and made contributions to the country again and again, vividly interpreting a company’s sense of national honor of a company!

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