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Banquet Hall of Helixuan Five-star Hotel in Malaysia

Banquet Hall of Helixuan Five-star Hotel in Malaysia

20 Mar, 2020
Banquet Hall of Helixuan Five-star Hotel in Malaysia

Malaysian Banquet Hall — Perfect Combination of Acoustic Effect And Decorative Effect

The main function of the banquet hall is large-scale meeting, banquet, multi-function performance and so on, therefore the banquet hall must have the good language clarity, the sound field is even and does not have the acoustic flaw such as the obvious echo, the vibration echo, the multi-echo and so on.

Project Profile:

The banquet hall of Helixuan five-star Hotel in Malaysia is an independent structure with a floor area of about 2,670 square meters, a height of about 13.2 meters and a capacity of 35244 m³, and a steel roof of painted steel plate. Its main function is to use for banquets, meetings, performances, singing activities and other activities.

Banquet Hall of Helixuan Five-star Hotel in Malaysia

Banquet Hall of the Helixuan Five-star Hotel in Malaysia

Design Criteria and Basis:

1. National Standard of the People’s Republic of China GB3096-2008 Sound Environment Quality Standard ;

2. The National Standard of the People’s Republic of China GB22337-2008 Social Living Environment Noise Emission Standard ;

3. National Building Standard Design Atlas 08J931 Building Sound Insulation And Sound Absorption Structure ;

4. National Standard GB /T 50356-2005 Code For Architectural Acoustics Design of Theaters, Cinemas and Multi-Purpose Halls ;

5. Effective feedback from Party A and various professional designers.

Acoustic Design Idea:

According to the acoustical design of the banquet hall, it is required that the sound should have enough loudness, clear hearing, no echo and no vibrating echo. In addition, due to the high requirements of the interior decoration of the banquet hall, the acoustic design should maintain the original designer’s luxurious and elegant decorative design concept as far as possible. The acoustic design should take the acoustic effect of the banquet hall into account in order to achieve a unified decorative effect and acoustic effect.

Banquet Hall of Helixuan Five-star Hotel in Malaysia

Note: The above is the minimum required reverberation time.

Acoustic Design:

1. According to the above requirements, it is necessary to install TG-75 mm thick decorative soft sound absorption panels, sound-absorbing glass cotton should be less than 1,228 m³, slotted acoustic material with 90 mm thickness should be less than 830 m².

2. Because the distance between the front wall and the back wall is as long as 67 meters and the free sound field is too long to form Echo easily. It is suggested that the back wall should be made of sound absorbing and diffusing material: 90 mm thick curved aluminium slotted acoustic panels 300 square feet.

3. Attach a 25 mm thick soft sound absorption panels with an aluminium frame to the partition panel.

4. In terms of sound insulation, the walls of the banquet hall must be plastered on both sides, and the thickness of the plastering surface should be more than 20 mm.

5. Considering the banquet hall roof is the Color Steel Plate metal roof, the rain will seriously interfere with the normal use of the function in the hall when the rain knocked on the metal roof. Therefore, the ceiling installed TR32 series sound insulation board, built-in 50 mm sound-absorbing cotton, Keel surface damping materials, to reduce indoor background noise.

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Banquet Hall of Helixuan Five-star Hotel in Malaysia

Aluminum Grooved Acoustic Panel is an upgrade product originated from wood sound-absorbing panels, aluminium perforated acoustic panels, composite slotted acoustic panels, which can reach the fire performance A Grade and it is non-flammable, received the customer’s general and warm welcome.

Product Features:

1. Moistureproof, insect-proof, antiseptic, mildew-proof, formaldehyde-free, non-deformable, impact-resistant, easy to scrub and install;

2. Many kinds of wood grain decorative surface can be selected, the decorative effect is good;

3. It has good sound absorption performance to high, middle and low frequency.

Banquet Hall of Helixuan Five-star Hotel in Malaysia

Soft Sound-Absorbing Panels With Aluminum Frame carefully selected Owens corning red cotton, the sound-absorbing effect will increase by 20 % than the original one under the same conditions.

Product Features:

1. It is non-flammable and can reach the Fire Resistance Class A as well as the environmental performance Class E1;

2. The substrate is Owens Corning Red Cotton;

3. Moisture-proof, deformation-proof, wrinkle-free;

4. The installation is quick and can be repeatedly disassembled as well as being assembled sewing installation.

Acoustics After Construction:

1. Through the sound absorption of the wall, the intermediate-frequency reverberation time in the banquet hall can reach 1.5 s (full field), which meets the requirements of the national standard.

2. After decorating the ceiling, the indoor background noise of the banquet hall is under 55dB when the knocking noise of rain knock noise greater than or equal to75dB.

3. The 50mm soundproof cotton filled between the roof and the sound insulation panels reduces the reflected sound energy, thus reducing the noise.

4. The selection and design of the acoustic materials meet the requirements of the interior decoration of the banquet hall. In the maintenance of the original decoration design concept, the sound quality of the banquet hall is improved, and the decoration effect is unified with the acoustic effect.

Construction Progress:

In order to ensure that Party A can successfully prepare for the following activities, the whole construction period is very short, especially in the field of architectural acoustic design and construction. According to the progress of the whole project and our experience, we spent 3 days on the acoustic design, 15 days on the acoustic material production, 45 days to complete the construction. As a matter of fact, we took 42 days to complete the construction and finally completed on July 11.

Banquet Hall of Helixuan Five-star Hotel in Malaysia

This is another important overseas project of TianGe Acoustics. The production, acoustic design, decoration and construction of the project are all provided by TianGe Acoustics. The project perfectly combines the acoustic effect and the decoration, which receives the unanimous praise of the customers.

As one of the production bases of TianGe group, Tiange Technology Co., Ltd. (TianGe Acoustics) has been focusing on the R & D, production and sales of various sound absorbing and sound insulation products since its establishment ten years ago. The company passed ISO9001:2015, the EU CE certification and the BV certification, is the large-scale manufacturers in the industry. At the same time, the company has a professional design, construction integrated team which consists of more than 100. We can provide the overall solution services of acoustic engineering projects.

We are not only a seller of acoustic materials but also an overall solution service provider set acoustic materials production, acoustic design, decoration and construction in one.

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