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Vietnam-China Friendship Palace Conference Hall

Vietnam-China Friendship Palace Conference Hall

18 Mar, 2020
Vietnam-China Friendship Palace Conference Hall

On November 12, 2017, the Sino-Vietnamese Friendship Exchange Bridge — the Vietnam-China Friendship Palace officially completed and handed over!

The project of Vietnam-China Friendship Palace is a non-governmental friendly exchange aided project in Vietnam with the assistance of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. Located in the heart of the new district of Ha Noi, the Vietnam-China Friendship Palace covers an area of 3.3 hectares and has a construction area of 13,966 square meters. It is a landmark project for China’s assistance to Vietnam. It is a major event venue for Sino-Vietnamese cultural exchanges, large-scale cultural performances and other conferences. It’s also a comprehensive building of important celebrations, foreign affairs etiquette and cultural exchange platforms.

The Vietnam-China Friendship Palace is a key project of great concern to the leaders of China and Vietnam. Under the condition of ensuring safety, the project department completed the construction work with high standards, high quality, high requirements and high efficiency. During the construction process,TianGe Acoustics made a comprehensive use of the new process technology and the BIM technology, including the construction method of the steel structure foam concrete wall, multi-curved steel structure and double-layer conversion, which eventually achieved remarkable results.

Vietnam-China Friendship Palace Conference Hall

Exterior view of the Vietnam-China Friendship Palace

Vietnam-China Friendship Palace with large spaces and large span of complex geometric space, has innovative design, a unique shape, a complex structure. The difficulty of technique and manage organizations are higher than similar conventional projects, including the main hall area, conference and office area and club activities area three parts. The entire building has an inner circle and a lotus shape.

Vietnam-China Friendship Palace is a spectacular grand scene, giving people a visual feast. In the hearing, the sound field is evenly and high-definition, and makes people feel warm and intimate although the venue is very large but do not give an empty, muddy, echoing feeling, So why is there such an auditory enjoyment in the palace?

Vietnam-China Friendship Palace Conference Hall

Interior View of The Vietnam-China Friendship Palace

In order to achieve the best sound effects in the venue, the engineering side has repeatedly studied and investigated, and finally chose TianGe Acoustics with strong strength to supply high quality and suitable acoustic materials. TianGe Acoustics’s soft sound absorption acoustic panels with aluminium frame and perforated acoustic panels have once again become the hot topic in the field of acoustic and decoration!

So, why can TianGe Acoustics stand out from the domestic acoustic industry?

TianGe Acoustics is the operating enterprise of TianGe Industrial Group’s, which specializes in acoustic materials, sound absorbing materials, sound insulation materials, acoustic movable partition doors and high-end decorative materials projects. TianGe Factory is known as the “Foxconn” of the acoustic industry. The factory has passed ISO9001:2015 International. Quality certification, EU CE, SGS certification, international BV certification. The products made by the factory have more than 30 reports of national fire, environmental protection, acoustic testing, more than 40% of products exported to the rest of the world.

TianGe has an excellent corporate culture and a pursuit of products. It focuses on producing Chinese quality acoustic products, transmit sounds of nature in the decoration world, and actively improving the acoustic environment for human life, creating an elegant space and becoming the most respected company in China!

As one of the acoustic decorative materials of the Vietnam-China Friendship Palace,the TianGe soft sound absorption acoustic panels with aluminium frame is made of high-quality Owens Corning glass sound-absorbing cotton. Compared with ordinary sound-absorbing soft bag materials, TianGe soft sound absorption acoustic panels with aluminium frame is not only environmentally friendly and fire-proof, no dust pollution but also have a simple construction. Moreover, the color of the finish and the material selection are wide, which can meet to the diversity acoustic and decoration needs of the customers.

Vietnam-China Friendship Palace Conference Hall

Vietnam-China Friendship Palace Conference Hall

Soft Sound Absorption Acoustic Panels With Aluminium Frame Used For The Project of Vietnam-China Friendship Palace

TianGe perforated acoustic panels, as the acoustic decorative sound-absorbing material of the Vietnam- China Friendship Palace, also caught a lot of attention. It has good sound absorption performance for medium and low frequency. The perforated acoustic panel adopts high-quality sheet material and has strong impact on resistance. It also has environmental protection, fireproof and waterproof performance. Its highest fireproof performance can reach A2 Grade and its highest environmental protection performance can reach E1 Grade.

Vietnam-China Friendship Palace Conference Hall

Vietnam-China Friendship Palace Conference Hall

Perforated Acoustic Panels Used For The Vietnam-China Friendship Palace

The participation of the project of Vietnam-China Friendship Palace is a small step in the journey of TianGe to walk to the world ;

As a member of TianGe, we all have the same dream, which is to create a world brand belonging to China in the field of the acoustic industry!

In the future, TianGe will be firmly committed to the field of acoustic environment decoration, dedicated to the overall solution experts in the acoustic environment, representing China’s well-known enterprises in the world’s acoustic industry!

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