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Guangdong Guangzhou Conference Hall

Guangdong Guangzhou Conference Hall

12 Mar, 2021
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The conference hall of Nansha Binhai Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou, Guangdong is irregularly geometric in plan and rectangular in section. The height of the decorative floor in the hall from the ceiling finish is 7.56m and the length is 50m. The effective volume of the entire hall is 7650m³ and the total surface area is 3130㎡. The partition is divided into three independent spaces.

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The effective volume of zone one is 3760m³, and the total surface area is 1680㎡; the effective volume of zone two and three are both 1875m³, and the total surface area is 1005㎡. The main function of the conference hall of Nansha Binhai Convention and Exhibition Center is conferences, giving consideration to lectures, forums and exchanges.

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In order to ensure that the normal use of the main functions of the conference hall is not disturbed, the designers of Tiange Acoustics have formulated a suitable acoustic design plan for it according to the specific conditions of the conference hall, and provided it with sound-absorbing cotton bales and aluminum Sound Absorbers according to the plan requirements Acoustic materials produced by Tiange Acoustics, such as Acoustic panels, Fireproof Grooved Acoustic Panels, and ultra-high acoustic partitions.

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The acoustic design plan is mainly concentrated on the top surface, wall and partition to ensure the correct use of acoustic materials to control the reverberation time during the decoration process, so that there is no acoustic defects such as echo, tremor echo, and sound focus in the venue.

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According to the original decoration plan of the top surface, the aluminum square pass is mainly used as the decorative surface. Although the decoration has a certain aesthetics, the sound absorption efficiency of metal materials is low, which is not conducive to the control of the reverberation time of the space. Therefore, the design uses a 50mm thick sound-absorbing cotton bale to be placed on the aluminum Sound Absorbers ceiling as the main sound-absorbing material on the top surface.

Guangdong Guangzhou Conference Hall-5

The acoustic treatment of the wall is an important part of the architectural acoustic design. In order to meet the design requirements of indicators such as reverberation time and sound field uniformity, the walls in the space need to be treated with certain acoustics. The design uses a slotted sound-absorbing structure to absorb sound on the surrounding walls.

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It can significantly reduce the place's echo and prevent indoor sound quality problems such as flutter echo and howling. The slotted sound-absorbing structure is filled with 50mm thick sound-absorbing cotton behind the Grooved Acoustic Panel, and the reserved cavity is ≥50mm.

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Due to the functional needs of the conference hall, the entire hall is planned to be divided into three independent spaces, and partitions are required as a temporary space enclosure structure. The conference hall has a need for high language clarity, and the three space areas divided into it also need to meet certain requirements.

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The design uses two sets of partitions. Taking into account the acoustic requirements, the partition surface is finished with wood veneer on one side and polyester fiber acoustic panel on the other, and the partition veneer corresponds to the space area.

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The final result after the completion of the project is very good, the customer is very satisfied, and we are also very happy. Tiange Acoustics, as a practitioner of the F2EPC model of China's acoustic decoration engineering and a service provider of overall acoustic decoration solutions, looks forward to bringing better and better sound field environment experience to more customers.


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