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China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Conference Hall

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Conference Hall

06 Jul, 2020
sound absorbing materials, aluminum grooved acoustic panels

Many people will ignore the role of the multifunctional conference hall, thinking that the conference hall is only used as a meeting place and does not require any special acoustic design. Actually, otherwise, it is the particularity of the conference hall, where most of the major decisions and regulations are carried out. If there is a problem with the acoustic design of the conference hall, it will lead to unclear communication of decisions and may cause quite serious consequences.

The main function of multifunctional halls and meeting rooms is conferences, which require clear indoor speech with uniform sound field, no tremor echo, multiple echo and other acoustic defects; the reverberation time is too long, the sound is turbid, and cannot meet the use of the meeting function, the reverberation time is too short Excessive sound absorption, not enough loudness. Therefore, suitable sound absorbing materials need to be used to design the entire space acoustically.

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Hall

The CGNPC MultiFunctional Hall is a large-scale renovated indoor venue. The main functions of the hall are: meeting, watching videos, and awards. The floor area of the building is about 220 ㎡ and the volume is about 1430m³. The plane shape of the auditorium is square, and the surrounding walls are parallel walls.

Project Features:

There are a lot of glass windows, ceramic tiles, and marble on the surrounding walls. The sound reflection is serious, the reverberation time is long, and the acoustic defects are serious, causing the hall to be noisy. The main acoustic requirement in the auditorium is to ensure that the speech sound is clear. This requires strict control of the reverberation time (especially low-frequency reverberation time) in the auditorium, and the control of low-frequency reverberation time is a difficult thing in the acoustic world, which can be replaced by non-decoration professionals.

Design Requirements:

According to the national standard "Acoustics Design Code for Theaters, Cinemas and Multipurpose Halls" and the currently proposed acoustic indicators and acoustic design recommendations, through accurate calculation and sound ray analysis and sound absorbing materials to control various parameters, eliminate various defects and improve the interior Acoustic environment quality to ensure the normal use of functional rooms. Make the interior decoration design achieve a beautiful and practical effect.

Design Scope:

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Conference Hall-0

Multifunctional hall (audience and stage)

Design Basis:

《Specifications for the acoustic design of theaters, cinemas and multipurpose halls》 GB / T50356-2005;

《Specifications for the measurement of reverberation time in halls》 GBJ76-1984;

《General Rules for the Design of Civil Buildings》 GB50352-2005;

《Measurement of Acoustic Reverberation Room Sound Absorption》 GB / T 20247-2006;

《Quality Code for Interior Decoration Engineering》 QB1838-93;

《Code for Fire Protection of Interior Decoration Design of Buildings》 GB50222-1995;

functional requirements put forward by Party A and architectural and decorative drawings provided by the design institute.

Basic Parameters Of Sound Equipment Design:

1. Reverberation Time

The time required for the sound source to stop sounding after the indoor sound field reaches a steady state and the sound pressure level decays from the original value by 60dB. If the reverberation time is too long, it will cause turbid listening and affect the intelligibility of the speech. If the reverberation time is too short, the sound will appear dry and the intensity will be weak, which will cause difficulty in listening. Therefore, when designing sound quality, it is very important to control the appropriate reverberation time according to the usage requirements.

2. The sound field is evenly distributed, and there are no sound quality defects such as tremor echo.

The tremor echo is a series of reflection pulses caused by the same original pulse sound. It is very easy to produce tremor echo phenomenon between parallel walls.

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Conference Hall-1

Design Parameters:

1. When the frequency is 500 ~ 1000Hz, for the appropriate reverberation time of different volumes, the hall, lecture hall, multipurpose hall (convening a meeting) should adopt the range shown in the following figure:

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Conference Hall-2


① The shaded part is the range of reverberation time.

② The design estimate and the actual measured value after completion allow an error range of ± 10%.

2. The frequency characteristics of the reverberation time, the ratio of each frequency to 500-1000 Hz should meet the requirements of Table 1 below:

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Conference Hall-3

Figure 1 Ratio of reverberation time of each frequency in the auditorium to 500 ~ 1000Hz

3. The volume of the auditorium is controlled at about 1430m³, from which the design value of the reverberation time for the full frequency of the auditorium (80% of the audience) at the intermediate frequency (500-1000Hz) can be formulated as 1.0s:

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Conference Hall-4

Figure 2 Design index values of reverberation time for each frequency in the auditorium

Note: Design tolerance ± 10%

Sound Quality Acoustic Design Scheme:

1. Analysis of the plan:

The volume of the auditorium is 1430m³. The main functional requirements of the hall are: conferences, watching videos, and conferences. In order to improve the uniformity of the sound field in the auditorium, ensure indoor language clarity, eliminate indoor echo, multiple echo, Acoustic defects such as tremor echo, so the sound absorbing material with strong sound absorption will be selected to achieve the purpose of controlling short reverberation time.

2. Acoustic Acoustics Design Plan:

Auditorium: Design principles: In order to reasonably control the reverberation time in the auditorium, maintain the current decorative design effect, eliminate the inherent acoustic defects of the building and improve the sound field uniformity of the auditorium, it should be in the auditorium Comprehensively arrange various decorative acoustical materials, strictly control the shape, specifications, installation angle and installation method of these sound absorbing materials.

Ceiling: Keep the original gypsum board decorative ceiling unchanged.

Wall recommendations:

After detailed acoustic calculations, it is recommended to use aluminum grooved acoustic panels on the wall, which are evenly arranged on the side wall, back wall and stage wall of the auditorium.

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Conference Hall-5

Facade layout drawing-1

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Conference Hall-6

Facade layout drawing-2

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Conference Hall-7

Facade layout drawing-3

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Conference Hall-8

Tiange Acoustic Construction Process

After The Completion Of Construction:

1) The decoration is beautiful and generous, and the visual experience is comfortable and good.

2) The sound absorbing material has no dust pollution of glass fiber particles and no formaldehyde pollution, which meets the environmental quality requirements of air quality in the venue.

3) Has a good timbre. That is, low, medium, and high tones are properly balanced.

4) The sound absorbing material meets the fire rating requirements.

5) The sound quality in the venue is relatively clear, and the sound quality such as silent staining is lacking.

6) After the project is implemented, the sound environment and the environment in the field are suitable. The full-field reverberation time is:

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Conference Hall-9

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Conference Hall-10

After The Construction Of Tiange Acoustics

The successful transformation and upgrading of this project has far exceeded the customer's requirements of acoustic absorption and noise reduction, and has been successfully praised by customers!

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Multifunctional Conference Hall-11

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