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Mr Li’s Home Cinema in Maoming

Mr Li’s Home Cinema in Maoming

14 Jan, 2020
Cinema Projects

Mr Li’s Home Cinema in Maoming

Case Study:

In order to enrich his family’s daily life, the family of Mr Li, who lives in Maoming, planned 70 square feet of floor space like a home theater when the house was built, Therefore, the acoustic design of the Home Theater requires higher requirements, after some consultation and comparison,Mr Li commissioned Foshan Tiange Technology Co., Ltd. for its home theater sound design and decoration.

In the choice of materials, taking the living environment and health of family members into account, TianGe Acoustics adopts sound-proof products that do not have decoration odor or pungent taste and touch materials that do not harm the skin, such as TianGe large-sized soft acoustic panels. TianGe large-sized soft acoustic panel has the advantages of high-efficiency sound absorption performance, good flexibility, convenient installation, high-temperature resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, ageing resistance, etc. In addition, according to the dazzling actual situation, it has also adopted other popular sound-proof products such as aluminium strip acoustic panels, red magnesium panels and so on. The chosen materials are both in line with the overall decorative layout and the aesthetic standards of decoration, also in line with the national construction, sound insulation, environmental protection, fire and other relevant standards and norms.

Mr Li’s Home Cinema in Maoming

In the design scheme, the reverberation time and frequency characteristics of each frequency band are controlled within the standard range according to the requirements of the standard for Acoustic Design and Certification of Small-Scale Cinemas (QB / ZD 01-2013)

The background noise limit does not exceed the limit of each frequency band of the curve NC 30. In order that the noise of the outdoor environment and the noise of the neighbors’ lives will not interfere with the music, and the high decibel of the film in the Home Theater will not affect the neighbors, the set of this room and adjacent sensitive room sound pressure level difference is not less than 45 decibels, when the sound source in the Home Theater issued more than 90 decibels of pink noise.

In addition, TianGe Acoustics also has developed a solution to the acoustic defects caused by various conditions in home theater, such as echo, vibrating echo, sound dyeing, sound focusing, sound blocking, etc. As the walls of Mr Li’s house is light-weight. Therefore, a separate wall made up of sound-proof panels and sound-proof cotton has been added on the inner side to improve the sound-proof ability. In addition, the weak links in doors and windows, which provide sound transmission, are dealt with separately.

Mr Li’s Home Cinema in Maoming

Now,Mr Li’s Home Theater after days of acoustic design and decoration, the appearance of high-end aesthetic and the sound insulation effect are also very significant, greatly enriched the entertainment life of his family!

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