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Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Standard Model: 59/5 60/4 28/4 29/3 13/3 14/2

Non-Standard Model: 40/3 38.5/4 18/3 17/4 8/3 8/2 5/3 6/2

Material: High qulity MDF board

Basic Material: General, Economic, Fireproof, Moisture-proof, Composite,Magnesium, solid wood etc.

Finish: Melamine, Natural Wooden Veneer, Fireproof board, Painting,Metal, Technology veneer, Leather etc.

Color: Color chart or customized

Size: 133*2440 mm / 197*2440 mm

Thickness: 12mm / 15mm / 18mm

Fireproof Grade: B

ECO Grade: E

Application: Gymnasium ,Meerting room,multi-function hall, auditorium,Conference room, Banquet hall,etc.

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Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels-1

TianGe Acoustic is a well-known leader in specialty Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panel systems. Being a leading acoustic panels manufacturer in China, we export Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels.

Four advantages of the Grooved Wood Panel:

1> Stable product quality and zero complaints.

2> The sound absorption effect is good, and the decoration is strong.

3> Environmentally friendly and fireproof.

4> Wide range of applications: Various places with high acoustic requirements.

Product Type Grooved Wood Panel
Standard Model 59/5 60/4 28/4 29/3 13/3 14/2
Non-Standard Model 40/3 38.5/4 18/3 17/4 8/3 8/2 5/3 6/2
Material High qulity MDF board
Basic Material General, Economic, Fireproof, Moisture-proof, Composite, Magnesium, solid wood etc.
Finish Melamine, Natural Wooden Veneer, Fireproof board, Painting,Metal, Technology veneer, Leather etc.
Color Color chart or customized
Size 133*2440 mm / 197*2440 mm
Thickness 12mm / 15mm / 18mm
Fireproof Grade B
ECO Grade E
Application Gymnasium, Meerting room, multi-function hall, auditorium, Conference room, Banquet hall, etc.

Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels-3

Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels-4

The support material is always MDF fiberboard wood panels, Suitable for walls, the mounting system is tongue and groove. Create amazing spaces of unsurpassed beauty and character with high-performance sound reduction with TianGe Acoustic's new Acoustic Panels designed for wall.

Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels-5

Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels-6

All of our wall and ceiling planking is tongue and grooved on all four sides! This ensures superb fit and eliminates waste. Custom tongue and groove wood paneling for walls and ceilings, tailored to the look style you want. The Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels with exceptional aesthetic qualities. It can be used for wall cladding.

Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels-7

Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels-8

Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels-9

Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels-10

Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels-11

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Grooved Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

1> First fix the aluminum profile onto the wooden frame or bottom board, and their distance suggested 6about 600mm.

2> Filled the 32-64kg/m density acoustic cotton among aluminum profiles.

3> Use the clips to fix the Acoustic Panel to the aluminum profile.

4> When install several acoustic panel, the distance between noses to noses suggested 2-3mm.

5> If install the acoustic panel in the horizontal way, then the notch of the panel should face down, and it need to be fixed tight with clips. After that install pieces and pieces of acoustic panel onto the lowest one.

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