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Bantian North International School Theater

Bantian North International School Theater

21 Oct, 2020
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Bantian North International School is a key construction project in Shenzhen. It is a joint project between the Longgang District Government and Huawei. Huawei's 12-year consistent school. The conditions for entering the school are very strict. It can be said that it is a high-quality aristocratic school built by the Shenzhen Construction Branch of the Fanhua Group. The school is located in Luokeng area in the north of Bantian Street, Shenzhen, east of the intersection of Xiangtang Road and Qingli Road, and close to Gangtou Reservoir.

Bantian North International School Theater-1

For a school to have a good acoustic environment, it is very important for teachers' teaching and students' learning. If you have the opportunity to feel the difference between a classroom that uses acoustic materials and a classroom that does not use acoustic materials, you will understand the gap.

Bantian North International School Theater-2

Theater stage

Tiange Acoustics is very honored to be able to participate in the acoustic decoration project of this project. This is an affirmation for us, a manifestation of our own strength, and customer recognition of Tiange Acoustics' strength and products.

Bantian North International School Theater-3


The new construction project of Bantian North International School covers an area of 50,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 140,719 square meters, of which 70,459 square meters are above ground and 70,260 square meters are underground. The total investment is estimated to be 1.264 billion yuan. The project covers elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, dormitories, office buildings, theaters, and gymnasiums. The underground is air defense, garages and equipment rooms, and the building grade is first grade.

Bantian North International School Theater-4

The black Mgo sound-absorbing material used is waterproof and moisture-proof, and the sound-absorbing modeling hard package decoration effect on the back wall of the theater is particularly good.

We always attach great importance to product quality and environmental protection, adhere to the quality-oriented, decorative effect supplemented, the two complement each other and better serve the interior acoustic decoration. This is also an important factor for us to participate in the acoustic decoration project of Bantian North International School.

Bantian North International School Theater-5

Small theater stage

For a high-quality international school like this, we have been able to participate in it after many tests. In this project, we mainly provided high-quality environmentally friendly acoustic decorative materials, Mgo perforated acoustic panels, customized soft packs, and fiberglass panels for the large and small theaters of Elementary School Department.

Bantian North International School Theater-6

Small theater stage

Our acoustic materials not only have excellent sound absorption properties, but also have excellent decorative effects. Our more consideration is to combine acoustics and aesthetics. Our goal is to be a service provider of overall acoustic decoration solutions, saving time and money for customers, and saving customers worry and effort.

Bantian North International School Theater-7

Small theater

As a service provider of overall acoustic decoration solutions, Tiange Acoustics can provide integrated acoustic decoration services from design, materials, construction, and acoustic testing, and innovative factory-based acoustic decoration engineering EPC mode, which can truly save customers 30% time and money More than 20%, let customers worry about, doing word-of-mouth projects is the goal that Tiange people diligently pursue.

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