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The Music Room Of The Indian Conservatory Of Music

The Music Room Of The Indian Conservatory Of Music

17 Jun, 2021
Acoustic Panels, Soundproof Panels, Acoustical Materials, Tiange Acoustics

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The music room of the Indian Conservatory of Music is another successful overseas case of ours. The music room is mainly based on the school's teaching work and students' usual music practice. Because the sound has a great influence on music, in order to have a better teaching effect, the customer's requirements for the music room are very high.

After the customer learned about Tiange Acoustics, he personally came to the company to investigate and understand the company's situation. We introduce our company to our customers one by one, let them fully understand our company, and let them fully trust us. In the end, we successfully won the project.

We have been working hard with the goal of satisfying customers. In every project construction, we will go all out to complete the work with the most professional and dedicated attitude, and strive to show customers a high-quality sound field space. It is precisely because of these factors that we continue to become excellent and powerful. Every project we complete has withstood the test of time and achieved the customer's expected results to the maximum.

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