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Nanhai Experimental Primary School Classroom

Nanhai Experimental Primary School Classroom

20 Mar, 2020
Nanhai Experimental Primary School Classroom

A classroom is a place where teachers teach and students learn, and their acoustic design is particularly important. The main problem that acoustic design needs to solve is that how to provide students with a quiet learning environment which makes the content of the teacher’s lectures can be clearly transmitted to every student is.

To create a quiet environment for schools and to ensure that classrooms and other teaching rooms have good hearing conditions is one of the most basic requirements in school building design. Practical Architectural Acoustics clearly states that the long-term effects of noise not only directly affect the quality of teaching, but also affect the health and normal development of students (especially children) to a certain extent. The proper reverberation time in the classroom and the uniform sound field distribution are important conditions to ensure that the classroom is well heard.

Nanhai Experimental Primary School Classroom

As the first-class acoustic decoration overall solution service provider in China, TianGe Acoustics has always strongly supported the national talent development strategy and is also committed to fulfilling and practising the social responsibility of being a company and an excellent acoustic company.

A few days ago, TianGe Acoustics was responsible for the acoustic renovation of a classroom in Nanhai Experimental Primary School. Now the acoustic reconstruction project of the classroom has been successfully completed and put into normal use, and the final transformation effect has been highly praised and highly recognized by the teachers and students of the school!

Acoustic Knowledge Expansion

The acoustic requirements of the classroom room are mainly to satisfy the language clarity and without any noise interference, to ensure sufficient loudness for classrooms with large volume, and to prevent low-frequency sound staining for classrooms with a smaller volume. In order to achieve good clarity, the reverberation time of the classroom should be shorter. The reverberation time of various classrooms can refer to the following table:

Nanhai Experimental Primary School Classroom

The reverberation time in the above table can allow a variation of 0.1S; the room volume allows a variation of 10%. The allowable noise in the classroom can go to the NR-25 standard, and at most, it should not exceed the NR-30.

According to the actual situation of the classrooms of Nanhai Experimental Primary School, TianGe Acoustics formulate the renovation plan, so as to ensure good sound quality and space decoration as the starting point, and strive to make the classroom a modern classroom integrating audio-visual enjoyment and beauty. Nevertheless, in order to ensure that the decoration construction can be carried out quickly and does not affect the normal classroom time of the classroom, the ceiling is regarded as the key acoustic decorative object and be installed by the lightweight formaldehyde-free sound absorber made by TianGe Acoustics.

Nanhai Experimental Primary School Classroom

TianGe Light Formaldehyde-Free Sound Absorber

Nanhai Experimental Primary School Classroom

● Flame Retardancy

It is a non-flammable material, that is, it will not melt or produce combustion droplets when it confronted with fire. When it confronted with the fire, it only produces carbonization and releases a small amount of smoke with low density and low toxicity. Therefore, it can prevent the flame to spread to the internal and it will not occur a smouldering phenomenon. It is a sound-absorbing material which is very suitable for use in the school classroom.

● Light Quality

The density of the product is only 6 ~ 12 kg / m³ which can be easily lifted up by pupils.

Nanhai Experimental Primary School Classroom

● Sound Absorption

It has an excellent sound absorption effect for the medium and high-frequency with more than 95% sound absorption coefficient. After being compounded with the non-woven wool cloth, the sound absorption performance in the whole frequency range is further improved, which is better for the teacher’s teaching and the students’ listening.

● Environmental Protection

It does not release any special smell. When in use, it will not produce the chip and the powder. It will not cause the health hazard to the human body when contacting with the skin. It does not contain any halogenated hydrocarbon, the flame retardant, the heavy metal, the plasticizer and other harmful substance.

The following sheets are the contrast of the reverberation time before and after the acoustic treatment of Nanhai Experimental Primary School. After the acoustic treatment of TianGe, the reverberation time of this classroom has reached the ideal value.

Nanhai Experimental Primary School Classroom

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