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Guangdong Huizhou Jingshi Huicheng School Auditorium

Guangdong Huizhou Jingshi Huicheng School Auditorium

11 Dec, 2020
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Jingshi Huicheng School is located in the center of Xincheng District, Shiwan Town, Boluo County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. It is invested and organized by Boluo County Xincheng Industry Co., Ltd. and is directly managed by Boluo County Education Bureau.

The school was established in July 2019, and construction started in September 2019. It is planned to enroll students in 2021. The goal is to build a first-class elite school with high standards, high quality, internationalization, modernization, influential and competitive power!

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Then in the decoration process of the school, acoustic decoration is a place that cannot be ignored. Doing good acoustic decoration will greatly improve the comprehensive level of the school.

There are many places where the school needs to do acoustic treatment. In the project of Jingshi Huicheng School, Tiange Acoustics provided the overall acoustic decoration solution service for the multifunctional hall (auditorium) of the school. From acoustic design, acoustic material supply to acoustic decoration construction, Tiange Acoustics independently completes all.

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The multifunctional hall is mainly a place with multifunctional purposes, such as meeting report function, theatrical performance function, and projection function. For example, multifunctional lecture hall, auditorium, multifunctional conference hall, banquet hall, etc.

The multi-function hall will also produce different sound quality defects according to the size of the building defects, such as tremor echo, sound focus, multiple echoes, etc., so that the sound field is unevenly distributed and seriously affects the normal operation of the electroacoustic system. The design of the multi-function hall also includes the comprehensive design of the HVAC system, maintenance structure, sound gate room, and sound control room.

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At the beginning of the acoustic design of the multifunctional hall (auditorium), Tiange Acoustics used ODEON to simulate indoor acoustics according to the specific conditions of the project. That is, the room pulse from the sound source to the receiving point in the 3D model can be predicted. These simulations can be imported from SketchUp or other CAD software. The software can export T30, D50, EDT, SPL and other acoustic parameters. By controlling the properties of indoor reflection, sound absorption and interface scattering, the multi-function hall (auditorium) sound building system can achieve the desired sound quality.

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The multifunctional hall (auditorium) must meet the acoustic requirements as a venue for holding conferences and cultural performances. It must have clear language, sufficient loudness, uniform sound field distribution, and can truly reflect sound dynamics and sound quality.

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Therefore, after the architectural acoustics treatment, there should be no obvious echo, multiple echo, tremor echo and other phenomena in the venue, so as to meet the needs of the venue, and the effect of clear listening and high language intelligibility.

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After completing the design plan, Tiange Acoustics provided the multi-function hall (auditorium) with self-produced Sandrock Acoustic Panels, Grooved Wooden Acoustic Panels, reflectors, diffusers and other acoustic materials. And the professional construction team of Tiange Acoustics Acoustic decoration construction for the multifunctional hall (auditorium).

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In the multifunctional hall (auditorium), the ceiling uses Tiange Acoustics’ Sandrock acoustic panels, and the wall uses Tiange Acoustics’ 13-3 Fireproof Grooved Mgo Acoustic Panels. After the completion of the project, the overall effect is in line with expectations, and the customer is very satisfied.

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