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Auditorium of No.1 Middle School in Zhangzhou, Fujian

Auditorium of No.1 Middle School in Zhangzhou, Fujian

22 Oct, 2020
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Auditorium of No.1 Middle School in Zhangzhou, Fujian-1

The Auditorium of No. 1 Middle School in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province is a new project with a standard stage inside. Among them, Tiange Acoustics provides acoustic design and acoustic materials for it. The effective volume of the hall is about 7505 m3, the total effective area is about 2945 m2, and the effective height is 10m. It is estimated that there will be 1,200 audience seats. The length of the stage is 33.5m and the depth is 16.4m. It is a medium-sized multifunctional comprehensive place.

The venue is mainly used for theatrical performances, holding large conferences, academic reports, etc. In order to ensure the normal use of the hall, the acoustic environment of the venue requires high speech intelligibility, adaptive loudness and a certain fullness to ensure a good listening effect. To this end, Tiange Acoustics provides customers with special acoustic design solutions.

Auditorium of No.1 Middle School in Zhangzhou, Fujian-2

Tiange Acoustics provides professional acoustic design solutions according to the project conditions and customer needs, aiming to meet the multi-functional use of the auditorium and solve the acoustic defects of the auditorium.

After acoustic decoration, the full frequency reverberation time of the whole venue meets the requirements of the national standard, which can meet the requirements of customers and can be used normally. There is no obvious echo, sound focusing, multiple echo and other acoustic defects, so that the indoor space of the auditorium can obtain suitable reverberation time and reverberation frequency characteristics.

Auditorium of No.1 Middle School in Zhangzhou, Fujian-3

What Tiange Acoustics does is the overall acoustic decoration solution service. Our designers not only consider the acoustic effect of the auditorium, but also consider the decoration effect of the entire auditorium. In terms of decorative effect, the auditorium is beautiful, generous, and the space is comfortable and long-term use.

Auditorium of No.1 Middle School in Zhangzhou, Fujian-4

Ensure that the speech in the auditorium is clear, the voice is not dry, and the reverberation time is moderate, meeting the requirements of national standards. The release of glass fiber and formaldehyde in acoustic materials meets environmental protection requirements, and sound-absorbing materials meet the requirements of Class A fire protection for ceilings and walls.

The customer was very satisfied with the design plan we provided. According to the requirements of the design plan, we provided customers with a variety of new acoustic materials such as the Class A fireproof new material WGF acoustic panel independently developed and produced by Tiange Acoustics.

Auditorium of No.1 Middle School in Zhangzhou, Fujian-5

Tiange Acoustics is positioned as a service provider of overall acoustic decoration solutions. Therefore, we not only consider product sound absorption performance, quality, environmental protection and other issues on the product side, but also consider product decoration effects, and develop different decoration effects of products to meet The needs of different customers and different places.

After the completion of the project, it has undergone professional acoustic testing, and all indicators have met the design standards. The overall decoration effect also meets the customer's expectations, and the customer is very satisfied with it.

Auditorium of No.1 Middle School in Zhangzhou, Fujian-6

Tiange Acoustics is a service provider of overall acoustic decoration solutions, providing integrated services from acoustic decoration scheme design, acoustic material supply to acoustic decoration construction and professional acoustic testing.

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