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Acoustic Auditorium of Xi’an Architecture and Technology University

Acoustic Auditorium of Xi’an Architecture and Technology University

06 Jul, 2020
slotted sound absorbing panels, aluminum grooved acoustic panels

Multipurpose auditorium are usually dominated by large-scale gatherings, taking into account stage performances and film screenings. Therefore, when planning the auditorium, the structure and acoustic design should be well done, and the equipment should be rationally configured according to the needs to achieve good audio-visual effects when holding various activities in the auditorium.

In the national standard "Specifications for the Design of Acoustics in Theaters, Cinemas and Multipurpose Halls Auditorium" (GB / T50356-2005), general requirements are put forward: the sound quality of multipurpose hall auditorium should mainly ensure that the language is clear, and there should be suitable everywhere in the hall The relative strong feeling and uniformity. No defects such as echo, multiple echo, tremor echo, acoustic focusing resonance, etc. shall appear at any position in the auditorium, and shall not be disturbed by equipment noise, projection room noise and external environmental noise.

Engineering case: Xi'an Architecture and Technology University

The Caotang Campus of Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology is located on the eco-tourism belt of the northern foot of the Qinling Mountains and the Huanshan Highway of the Guanzhong Ring Road. The whole campus is surrounded by mountains on three sides, south looking at Zifang and Guifeng; there are many water systems such as Gaoguanyu, Jingyu, Zigeyu, Taipingyu, etc. The mountains and rivers facing each other fully show the good ecological environment of the northern foothills of the Qinling Mountains.

The architectural style of the Caotang campus mainly inherited the Qin and Han architectural styles, and added modern architectural elements. The design philosophy of the entire campus is "inheriting history, inheriting civilization, responding to the times, creating the future, reforming the system, shaping characteristics, people-oriented, harmonious coexistence, open integration, dynamic development, respect for nature, and harmony between man and nature."

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The auditorium of the Caotang Campus of Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology is a comprehensive place with multifunctional purposes. The acoustic design of the auditorium should meet the needs of large conferences and various performance activities. Its main acoustic design is clear voice, full music, and no acoustic defects, which meets the requirements of national acoustic standards.

The acoustic characteristics of the auditorium:

1. The internal volume is large and the required sound absorption is large.

2. The interior is a place for public activities, which has high requirements on environmental protection and fire protection conditions, so the project must meet the relevant national regulations.

3. The auditorium is a public event venue, so it has high requirements for the beauty of decoration.

Acoustic Auditorium of Xi'an Architecture and Technology University-1

According to the actual requirements of the site and the relevant architectural acoustic design specifications, it was decided that the acoustic design in the auditorium mainly used aluminum grooved acoustic panels, slotted sound absorbing panels, reflecting plates and punching plates, which basically solved the acoustic quality problems in the auditorium and met the national acoustic standards.

Acoustic Auditorium of Xi'an Architecture and Technology University-2

Acoustic Auditorium of Xi'an Architecture and Technology University-3

Acoustic design effect in the auditorium after renovation:

1. The decoration is beautiful and generous, and the visual experience is comfortable and good;

2. The sound absorbing material is free of glass fiber dust pollution, and all environmental protection indexes are within the national standard;

3. The fireproof performance of the sound absorbing material meets the firefighting requirements.

The entire design is designed according to the national auditorium acoustic standards, and acoustic simulation calculations have been made to basically solve the acoustic quality problems in the auditorium.

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