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The 16.88-kilometer hiking activity

The 16.88-kilometer hiking activity

13 Apr, 2021
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On March 20, Lishui held the "2021 I Have a Date with Spring" activity on Xianlu Island, inviting many citizens, enterprises, chambers of commerce, and associations to participate in this 16.88-kilometer hiking activity.

The 16.88-kilometer hiking activity-1

Experience the four-in-one integration of "agriculture + tourism + culture + health" in Lishui, the achievements of building a whole-region tourist town and a hiking town, and measure and feel the butterfly changes in Lishui countryside.

The 16.88-kilometer hiking activity-2

The 16.88-kilometer hiking activity-3

Everyone walked on foot, measuring the butterfly changes in Lishui village with their footsteps. This trekking route is 16.88 kilometers, starting from Wanqing Horticultural World Orchid Street, passing through the Lingnan Agricultural Industrial Creative Park, where citizens can appreciate the style of the famous Chinese perfume lily town, enter the Lanyan Lugang and feel the peaceful countryside, and pass through the green roads to check in and colorful The sea of flowers, go deep into the pink and tender sages to see the new charm of the ancient village.

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Xianliao Village, a pink fairy tale village. The verbena in the Love Park bloomed with a sea of purple flowers, attracting countless citizens. Everyone took pictures in the sea of purple flowers and left beautiful memories.

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Tiange Acoustics has always been committed to participating in social and cultural construction activities. For such a meaningful activity on Xianlu Island hiking, Tiange Acoustics will of course fully support participating in it.

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Scenery in Xianlu Island:

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Hiking commemorative gifts:

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