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Architectural Acoustic Design of Exhibition Hall

Architectural Acoustic Design of Exhibition Hall

25 Nov, 2020
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1. Overview of Exhibition Hall

Modern convention and exhibition buildings are buildings with exhibition halls as the main space, including conferences, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and other auxiliary function spaces.

The complex acoustic environment of the exhibition center is mainly reflected in the exhibition hall. It can be summarized as:

①The reverberation time of the exhibition hall space is too long;

②The sound field is not evenly distributed; when exhibition activities are held, there are many people in the exhibition hall, which not only makes it difficult to communicate with each other and does not meet the requirements of good listening, but also causes noise to the audience, especially the staff who have been in it for a long time.

③The sound reinforcement system has poor effect, poor speech clarity and low discrimination ability. Excessive noise from air-conditioning equipment affects the smooth development of exhibition activities.

These problems have seriously affected the use of convention and exhibition buildings and have become a problem that needs to be solved urgently. Therefore, architectural acoustic design is needed.

2. Architectural acoustic design content of the exhibition hall of the Convention and Exhibition Center

The main cause of acoustic problems in the exhibition center is that the reverberation is too long, which leads to many acoustic problems. Since the building area of the exhibition center is usually larger, the larger the volume, the longer the reverberation time. The longer the reverberation time is, the first cause is poor natural sound resolution, which may cause acoustic defects such as echo.

Secondly, the longer the reverberation time, the easier it is to limit the sound reinforcement system. The low-frequency reverberation time in the exhibition space of most convention and exhibition center buildings is generally more than 3 seconds, and the intelligibility of spatial sound is limited. Therefore, to solve the auditory problem in the exhibition center, we must start with the reverberation time.

According to the requirements of sound absorption and noise reduction design index, the indoor space of 400 square meters and the per capita area of mobile personnel is less than 20 square meters, and the sound-absorbing ceiling covers 75% of the ceiling. Therefore, the total sound absorption in the control room is the main way to solve the long reverberation time.

Sound insulation of the doors of the exhibition hall of the convention and exhibition center Generally speaking, the door size of the hall of the convention and exhibition building is large. If the door with high sound insulation capability (RW-50) is used, it is expensive, bulky and inconvenient to use. Therefore, the entrance of the gate can be designed as an acoustic lock chamber. In other words, set two soundproof doors (RW-35dB), and the distance between the two doors is >1m.

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