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Influencing Factors Of Traffic Noise

Influencing Factors Of Traffic Noise

19 Nov, 2020
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1.1 The higher the traffic volume of adjacent roads, the louder the noise. There is no doubt that the main roads in residential areas will be noisier than municipal roads.

1.2 The higher the speed of the adjacent road, the louder the noise.

1.3 The higher the proportion of ultra-heavy vehicles, the louder the noise, such as trucks (container vehicles).

1.4 The lower the road ground quality, the louder the noise. With the same ground quality, those with rubber speed bumps will be noisier than those without rubber speed bumps.

1.5 The closer to the road, the louder the noise. When the same large truck passes, the 5.5-meter-high housing (plane straight-line distance) at a distance of 10 meters from the road has an attenuation coefficient of 0.5 decibels, 30 meters at 4 decibels, 50 meters at 6 decibels, and 100 meters at 8.9 decibels.

1.6 At the same distance from the road, the higher the floor of the ordinary housing, the louder the noise. (At this stage, there is no restriction on data information, and it does not rule out the possibility that it will become weak when it reaches a certain aspect ratio, but this is the case for today's general high-rise residences are 32 floors.) It is wrong to think that staying higher should eliminate noise .

1.7 Those with a road noise screen are lighter than those without a sound screen.

1.8 The buildings with isolation are lighter than those without.

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