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Why Cant Hear Clearly The Sound From Stage--Reverberation Time

Why Cant Hear Clearly The Sound From Stage--Reverberation Time

19 Nov, 2020
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Sound exists in every corner of our life. We are used to it. Do you really understand sound? Have you ever had such an experience, when you go to a certain stadium, it is very quiet, and you can hear what people are saying when you sit in any corner under the stage. However, the sound in some stadiums is very noisy. You can't hear the words clearly under the stage. Do you know why there is such a sharp contrast between the two situations?

Reverberation time : the way of sound attenuates in the room is an important factor to affecting sound recording.For some professional recording studio construction, reverberation is the top priority. The effect of reverberation time to sound is two-sided ,which can be better or worse. reverberation time is an important condition. The reverberation time refers to the interval between the sound stops making sound and the sound disappears completely. In a more technical language, it is the time required for sound attenuation of 60dB. For the recording of language and human voice, the reverberation time must be short (a "silent" room). The reverberation time in the control room is relatively short. The reverberation time between music room usually depends on the type of music.

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(Tiange Acoustics hexagonal reflection board)

The selection of reverberation time is generally determined according to the volume and function of the space. Therefore, the reverberation time of the language based space such as conference room and lecture hall is different from cinema. At the same time, the space reverberation time of opera, dance drama, drama, Drama Theatre and other professional artistic performances is also different. So how to get the right reverberation time? Generally speaking, the reverberation time is determined by the volume and absorption coefficient of the room. Here's to let you know in general the reverberation time (at 500Hz) that will be used in some spaces:

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