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Blood Donation for Love

Blood Donation for Love

15 Sep, 2020
TAG: Acoustic Panels, Soundproof Panels, Acoustical Materials, Tiange Acoustics

In the traditional Chinese festival of "Valentine's Day" on the Qixi Festival, we donate blood for "love" and help more people in need as much as we can. As a company with a high sense of social responsibility, Tiange Acoustics is also actively fulfilling its social responsibilities in the process of continuous development and growth.

Blood Donation for 'Love'-1

On the Chinese Valentine's Day, Tiange Acoustics participated in the voluntary blood donation activity for "love". Tiange's family members enthusiastically signed up to participate in this voluntary blood donation activity at the Village Committee, and did their best to help more people in need.

Blood Donation for 'Love'-2

A colleague said: "My blood is type O, universal blood. You must call me when you go. I missed it last year...". What a lovely person! Tiange's family is such a group of bravest and most caring people.

Blood Donation for 'Love'-3

Tiange Acoustics is just a big family composed of such a group of honest, kind and loving people, and it is precisely because of such a group of people who are working hard that it continues to grow and become a leader in the industry.

Blood Donation for 'Love'-4

Tiange is in action for free blood donation. Let us take action together, let us participate in voluntary blood donation together, let us work together to help more people in need!

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