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The 98th Startup Meeting of Tiange Acoustics

The 98th Startup Meeting of Tiange Acoustics

15 Sep, 2020
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The busy life and work sometimes make us exhausted physically and mentally. At this time, we have to stop for a short rest, reorganize our emotions, review the past, and summarize. Then cheer yourself up, stick to your original intention, and move on towards our goal. This is the significance of our Tiange people holding the conference.

In this harvestful September, the 98th Startup Meeting of Tiange Acoustics arrived as scheduled. This Startup meeting was hosted by our dear family-Liu Xiaoyan and Liu Jinye.

The 98th Startup Meeting of Tiange Acoustics-1

Every flag-raising ceremony that kicks off the conference has made Tiange's family members excited, grateful for their ancestors, cherish today's hard-won life, and thank the company and family for their help and dedication. Self-improvement and gratitude are Tiange's corporate culture, and it is also something that every Tiange person is doing personally.

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Every time the conference is launched, the corporate culture is announced by the host, leading everyone to read: It is Tiange's mission to make China's best acoustic products, spread the sound of nature in the world, and provide people with infinite listening care. the corporate values are Self-improvement, gratitude, cooperation, nothing impossible, great, I am the root of everything. Every time we read it, we have a different feeling and a deeper understanding of Tiange's corporate culture.

Watching the promotional video allows every Tiange's family to understand the efforts and achievements made by Tiange, feel the strength of Tiange, and give the family more and greater confidence. We are a service provider of total acoustic decoration solutions.

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The sales team of a company is more like the vanguard of an army. They are at the forefront of attacking cities. Their fighting spirit and morale will directly affect the fighting spirit and morale of the entire army. Tiange's sales team is always high-spirited, and we have overcome obstacles in the front to pass back a good news for us. Every time the morale shows Tiange's family members express their gratitude in their hearts with the warmest applause.

The 98th Startup Meeting of Tiange Acoustics-4

Every month we make a summary and an award. Give rewards to our outstanding family members and encourage them to continue. Encourage the family members who have not received the reward, don't be discouraged, and continue to cheer.

The 98th Startup Meeting of Tiange Acoustics-5

Money always makes people happy. Family members who have not won the gambling bonus must continue to work hard!

Only hard work can gain, and Tiange will never disappoint people who work hard. Every kick-off meeting is a brand new beginning. Let us organize our bags, regain our mood, make persistent efforts, keep on working hard, and move forward!

Only by constantly summing up the work and making plans can we better accomplish our work goals. Every time we summarize, we can discover our own shortcomings, correct them, grow from them, and become better.

The 98th Startup Meeting of Tiange Acoustics-6

After the intense work summary, a short performance made everyone laugh and relieve their mood. Tiange's family is a group of lovely and versatile people!

The 98th Startup Meeting of Tiange Acoustics-7

The infusion of fresh blood brings more youthful vitality and opportunities to the big family of Tiange.

The 98th Startup Meeting of Tiange Acoustics-8

They share their growth and experience in Tiange. I am grateful for the touching and warm moments that this big family brings to me.

The 98th Startup Meeting of Tiange Acoustics-9

Congratulations to the two family members for being promoted to the managerial position and stepping forward at this critical moment to bravely provoke the burden of foreign trade. Tiange's family is such a group of people with a sense of responsibility.

The 98th Startup Meeting of Tiange Acoustics-10

As the helm of the big family of Tiange, Mr. Huang will encourage every family member at the end of every conference, cheer them on, share his own growth experience and life philosophy, and let every family member of Tiange All have gained a lot. Mr. Huang is more to point out the direction for the development of Tiange and lead us to the right road.

The 98th Startup Meeting of Tiange Acoustics-11

Mr. Huang’s sharing allows every member of Tiange’s family to have a clear understanding of the company’s development direction, so that every family member can clearly know what they are doing and what they should do. Only in this way will Tiange get better and better and stronger. Tiange Acoustics is a service provider for the overall solution of acoustic decoration. It is the lofty mission of Tiange people to make the best acoustic products in China, spread the sound of the sound of the decoration world, and give people's hearing infinite care.

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