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The 77th China Education Equipment Exhibition

The 77th China Education Equipment Exhibition

09 Sep, 2020
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As a professional exhibition in the education equipment industry, China Education Equipment Exhibition has a great influence in the education industry. It has always been known for demonstrating cutting-edge technology and high-quality products in the industry and leading new trends in the industry market.

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From October 12th to 14th, 2019, the 77th China Education Equipment Exhibition was held at the Expo City International Expo Center in Qingdao. Tiange Acoustics was unveiled and displayed on the spot, which has obvious advantages in both sound absorption and decorative effects, specialized sound-absorbing module materials for teaching places.

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Exhibition moment

At the Tiange Acoustics booth during the exhibition, there were many visitors. Many exhibitors showed great interest in our products, learned and discussed detailly with the on-site staff, and recognized the overall solution of the acoustic environment explained by our company..

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Why do teaching places need to do acoustic design?

Education is about the future and affects the hearts of hundreds of millions of families, governments and the public. The improvement of the quality of education is inseparable from the dedication of the teacher and the support of the government. In fact, it is also closely related to the acoustic environment of the classroom.

A number of studies have shown that a good acoustic environment can help improve the language clarity of the teacher's lectures, improve students' attention and concentration, and thus effectively improve the quality of teaching. At the same time, a good acoustic environment can alleviate the stress of the teacher during class, relieve the occupational diseases such as pharyngitis caused by frequent loud speech, and help the physical and mental health of teachers.

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The reverberation time of the general classroom is ideally between 0.4s and 0.6s. In China's "Code for Design of Sound insulation for civil buildings", the classroom reverberation time of less than 200m3 should not be higher than 0.8s. At present, the primary and secondary school classrooms in China are mostly concrete roofs, and there is excessive noise and reverberation in the classroom. The teacher's explanation and the students' listening are passively affected by noise and reverberation, so the classroom acoustic design cannot be ignored.

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Education is the foundation of the country. In the future, Tiange Acoustics will continue to rely on the service capabilities of independent innovation and powerful technology, pay attention to and focus on the application and development of architectural acoustics in the field of education, and independently develop more special sound-absorbing module products suitable for teaching places and create a comprehensive range. The overall solution of the acoustic environment will continue to promote the development of education in China, so that the decoration industry has the sound of nature!

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