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Acoustic control is achieved by using acoustical materials

Acoustic control is achieved by using acoustical materials

26 Aug, 2020
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Sound absorption is to absorb the sound energy in the transmission. We can control the acoustics by using acoustical materials. Therefore, sound absorption is a very important part in the process of acoustic decoration. As we said before, "reverberation", different spaces have different requirements for reverberation time. We can control the reverberation time by using different sound-absorbing materials, so that can make the space meet the requirements of acoustic standards.

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Then we also need to pay attention to some problems in the process of using sound-absorbing materials, because different sound-absorbing materials have different effects on various frequency bands of sound , so special attention should be paid during the use. From a technical point of view, we can define the sound absorption coefficient from 0.00 (completely absorbed, such as hard marble surface, all sound is reflected) to 1.00 (such as an open window, there will be no reflection after the sound is transmitted.

Generally speaking, porous sound absorbing materials (foam, cloth, mineral wool, glass fiber wool , etc.) can absorb higher sound frequency and sound absorption effect is good. The sound absorption coefficient can exceed 0.7. However, if the porous material is installed at a distance (25-30cm) from the hard surface (wall or floor), the sound absorption range can be extended down to 100Hz. Resonance sound absorption material (perforated board, wall with gaps) has good sound absorption effect for medium frequency part (200hz-5khz).

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If you are bothered by noise, you can use the following methods:

First of all, you need to determine which band of sound you need to absorb. For example, if the reverberation time in some part of the whole audio band is too long, you need to absorb some. Then select the appropriate sound absorption material for sound absorption treatment. Remember that no matter how fashionable the sound absorption device is, what we need is the actual effect, so when buying this kind of product, make sure to get reliable parameter description.

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