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Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night

06 Jul, 2020
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On the evening of December 31, 2019, on the occasion of saying goodbye to the old and ushering in the new, tenge acoustics held a new year's party with the theme of "tenge group 2020 cross year dream night". The tenge family gathered together to welcome the coming of 2020 in a passionate Carnival!

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night-0

Tiange People's Show

"Red carpet show" opened the curtain of cross year dream night. The Tiange family stepped on the red carpet one by one. There are couples coming out, there are spicy mom and cute treasure, of course, there are also our handsome men and beautiful women. Walking on the red carpet, they are the most dazzling stars of Tiange.

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night-1

Conjugal Combination

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night-2

Baoma Mengbao Group

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night-3

Free Mix Of Handsome Men And Beautiful Women

Personal Solo

How can cross year dream night be less "good voice" to boost the fun? There are many versatile people in Tiange family. On this passionate and happy night, several family members bring us good songs to cheer us up!

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night-4

Let the light refract the pupil of tears

Reflect the rainbow you want most

Take me to the sky with you

Because you are my dream

My dream

A song "my dream" sings everyone's insistence on the dream. In 2020, continue to cheer for the realization of our dream!

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night-5

This very young family member chose to sing the song "ten for the Red Army", in order to pay tribute to those revolutionary ancestors who once used their lives to create today's peaceful and stable days. They will always be grateful. Today's golden age is finally as you wish!

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night-6

As soon as Zhanjiang Jacky Cheung, who has the highest voice, appeared, he received the warm cheers and applause from Tiange's fans, and performed his unique "Xu style love song" affectionately. Lao Xu, do you want fans? As long as you open Jinkou, I'll send it to you right away!

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night-7

Mother and daughter partner, singing. It's the happiest thing to spend a happy time with the one you love the most!

Leaders' encouragement

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night-8

As always, Huang Dong, the eldest parent, encouraged the Tiange family, "born in trouble and died in happiness" is another life sentiment shared by Huang Dong. At the end of the year and at the turn of the new year, Huang Dong's encouragement is a bright light to guide us in the direction of the new year.

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night-9

Later, Huang Dong prepared a new year's red envelope for you and sent it to you one by one. He expressed his blessing and heart to the family!

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night-10

Time flies, and a year goes by. How many goals have you set down for your dream in 2019? Now it's time to review the achievements. We all took out last year's dream bottles, reviewed our goals, and shared with you the achievements of the past year.

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night-11

No matter whether the goal of the past year has been achieved or not, the pace of the new year has quietly arrived. The journey of 2020 is about to start. We still need to continue to set the goal of the new year and strive for it.

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night-12

All the staff carefully write down their goals in 2020 and put them into the dream bottle, waiting for today's inspection next year, let's wait for the good news!

Birthday party

At the end of the new year's dream night, the company has also carefully prepared a birthday celebration for the family members in December. Happy Tiange family members, in fact, have been caring for and loving you during the struggling time.

Tiange Group’s 2020 New Year’s Eve Night-13

The happy time is always short, and the wonderful and warm cross year dream night also ends with the passage of time. Thanksgiving in the most beautiful time we can get together in Tiange, let's work together to meet 2020, work hard for our dream of the new year, seize the day, never lose the time!

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