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Why pay design fees?

Why pay design fees?

17 Apr, 2020
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Difficult to collect design fees is the most common problem which designers face to and is the most difficult problem to be solved in the domestic design industry. Design charges, what exactly does it rely on?

Design charges are a high grade respect for the identity of the designer.

Designer is not only a profession, but also the creator of customer space tone and the planner of customer quality of life.

Why pay design fees

Under what situation is there no design fee?

In the case where designers do not need to use their brains or waste brain cells, yes, there is no need to charge design fees.

In the case of fooling you, download a few pictures from the Internet, without any responsibility to you, yes, no design fee is charged.

In the case where the designer feels ridiculous about such a design, yes, no design fee can be charged.

Why pay design fees

When is the design fee charged?

In the case where the designer deliberately thinks about your design, you need to charge a design fee.

In the case where the designer serves you wholeheartedly, eager to worry about the customer and think about what the customer wants, a design fee will be charged.

In the case where the designer stands on the client's stand and thinks for the client everywhere, a design fee needs to be charged.

Why pay design fees

Why don't other companies charge design fees?

There is no free lunch in the world. Designers are not philanthropists. Designers also need to support their families. Designers are not public servants who receive taxpayer's money to work for the people.

No one is obliged to work for free. Designers must fulfill their obligations if they have the corresponding rights; that is to say, when you pay the designer a design fee, the designer is obliged to do good design services for you.

Why pay design fees

If designers don't rely on design fees, excuse me, how can they earn income? If you need a high level of design, you should pay the corresponding remuneration. If you don't need design, there will naturally be no design fees.

Why should the design fee be linked to the project, the designer earns his design fee, the company earns his management fee, the engineering team earns his engineering fee, and as a customer, what you earn is satisfactory project design, High-quality engineering quality, perfect after-sales service and enthusiastic service. Our division of labor is different, the price is clear and different, and each gets what they need.

Why pay design fees

Why confuse the design in the construction, make the price system opaque, why not make it public, now everything is open, fair, transparent, and thorough, the purpose is to let each of us clearly see that we got,what have you paid, have you been fooled? We pursue price transparency, material transparency and service transparency.

Do other companies do not charge design fees, do you really enjoy the so-called free? Did you pay RMB10 but get RMB30 of value? This possibility is very small. The wool comes from the sheep. They gave you free today. It seems to cost less, but you calm down and think about it: do you get real value? As a rational person, one should be able to see the mystery at a glance.

The design cost is allocated to each unit price of the project. The final result is that everyone is unclear. The proportion of the design cost in the project, the environmental quality of the material, the simplicity of the construction process, and the project management is not clear.

Why pay design fees

The design fee is not charged because it is lost here, so he will make up for it in another place, or even more, as shown there:

a. Reduce the construction process standard

b. Reduce material environmental protection

c. Lower service standards

d. Lower management standards

e. Lower the design standard ( He only needs to spend half a day to consider the one-week plan, But how low this design effect is, he doesn’t know, whether it is environmentally friendly, he does not assume any responsibility)

There is also a situation where there is a huge rebate waiting for him. If the customer does not give him the main material rebate, break his financial path, imagine if he will willingly work for your project, if he is a never selfishness but only help others, he is a not ordinary people. Everything must seek a balance. As long as the balance is balanced, things can be solved well.

Why pay design fees

So, why do designers charge design fees?

1. How was an interior designer cultivated? First, he had to learn the basics of art for a few years. Then he had to learn the basics of design. It includes complex theories and various school theories and tiring design specifications. In this way, a half-baked designer came out. At this time, they can only be draftsmen. Because he has no practical experience, he is not familiar with materials, etc. At this time, all the things they designed were unappealing.

Why pay design fees

2.In this way, after two or three years of hard work, this designer can basically reach the stage of independent design (imagined that he has always had design tasks in these two or three years, and if he watches the newspaper all day in the office, it will not work). In these disciplined years, most designers have lived in inhuman lives.

3. Become a formal designer and the learning process cannot be stopped. With the rapid development of the times, the design style must also be innovative and follow the trend. So he has to think and study all day long. The biggest difference between designers and others is that designers never stop thinking, except for brain death. Most of these processes are accompanied by disease and neuroticism.

Why pay design fees

4. Design charges are an inevitable trend, which is a performance of being responsible to customers and confidence in the company's strength and designer level. Design is the soul of decoration! Free design is just an additional service for decoration. Only fee-based design is strictly an integral part of decoration.

Why pay design fees

Design is not only to provide a direct and short-term answer to the needs of the existing society, but also to discover potential customer needs that are not easily noticeable, and propose forward-looking solutions to these needs!

Each set of design solutions is to create an environment.

Every environment created shows the professionalism and dedication of the designer.

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