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Growing up to empower others — Recording Training Sharing Session of TianGe Acoustics

Growing up to empower others — Recording Training Sharing Session of TianGe Acoustics

08 Jan, 2020




TianGe Acoustics pays attention to both the improvement of products and services, and the cultivation of talents both internal and external, achieving all-round self-improvement. Under the advocacy of Chairman Huang, the head of TianGe family, every family member who has become attached to TianGe has the opportunity to participate in various training activities organized by TianGe. The company also creates a learning platform for family members and empowers talents, turning out to be a major impetus to the company!



The more you share, the more you grow. Sharing is an opportunity to grow yourself and empower others. Recently, after our company carefully arranged training activities for some of our family members, the participants invited the whole family to share their experiences and empower other members.



In the sharing session, the seven members who participated in the training took turns to share their experiences and gains. They had a re-examination of themselves, others and even their lives, as well as a re-recognition of team strength. Indeed, everyone will have different harvests after the experience, or different understanding, or unprecedented inspiration, but there is no doubt that what harvested will be a precious treasure in the near future and on the road of long life!




Ms Bobo, the training tutor of the team strength training camp, was invited to visit our company and listen to the students to share. After that, she made the conclusion of this successful training and empowered other members of TianGe family who did not participate in.


After listening to the sharing of the seven students, Chairman Huang, the head of the TianGe family, expressed that we must devote ourselves to producing high-quality acoustic products, providing customers with perfect acoustic services and creating an excellent project. Moreover, we must canalize our energies into cultivating talent and keeping to increase the intensity and investment in personnel training in the future.

Through this sharing session, we harvest to the seven students, Bobo teacher, Chairman Huang and the energy from the whole company. Indeed, the driving role of talents in enterprises is unquestionable. The various training of enterprises are not only indispensable for enterprises themselves, but also have great significance for employees themselves. The development of enterprises lies in the talents of the enterprise, while the fundamental of talents lies in their ability to continuously innovate and surpass themselves through self-learning, and create greater value for themselves.


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